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One of the greatest action stories of the bible, retold in flowing verse disguised as prose. As presented by Dr. Swag, we present Samson in REDEMPTION!




Conducted by an orchestra of hopelessness, a symphony of agony filled the ever dark room. In the enclosed dank space, groans of turning wheels mingled with endless sighs and moans. The nature of the torture was however, more mental than physical. A couple of tiny windows admitted watery light from above, still, the darkness within the man made mockery of the one without.

In the corners of the room, moonlight wrestled with murky shadows. Rats scurried around and about, squeaking noisily from the anger of hunger and the joy of discovering tit bits of grains. Bronze chains of captivity rattled and chinked continuously.


He went around in circles weeping through another night. Tears soaked the soil of his soul, each drop a double edged sword slashing sadistically. Thorns of sorrow and briers of soreness pierced the landscape of his heart. The nightmarish images behind…

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