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verses from a broken heart iv

Verses from a broken heart…lovely poetry drawn from the depths of grief’s well. Ah, enjoy.

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A beacon in life
A comet in death
Myriad voices serenade your translation
Your legend chanted from sun-down till sun-up
At daybreak, earth felt unworthy to swallow you


Your earthen vessel smiled in secret knowledge
Amused by your detractors relentless folly
Their effete attempts at besmirching
Your untainted honour
Is futile


Your voice issues forth
From the mouth of your offspring
In him is your visage faithfully replicated
His arms have lifted the torch you didn’t left fall
True to the course, he strides with elan sublime


Of amazons, you bore two
The younger clothed with a facade
Willowy reed belying the tensile strength
Of pure unyielding steel that becomes
Anchor in turbulent seas


We have called your name again
And again. Your silence baffles beyond belief
That gilded tongue that never starved for words
Refuses to stretch itself once again
To satisfy the ears…

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Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

6 thoughts on “verses from a broken heart iv

    1. My sister, I think so too… and it continues o! You should consider following her blog. Great writer and to think she is a Doctor!
      Ah! I don’t even know your profession… Hmmm… Talking?

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      1. Hmm. Na wa o. She is a doctor? God help us all o. These doctors sef. I just wonder what they went to do medicine for in the first place. Just like Swag and Topazo. Hmm. I bow o. Me I be accountant sha. That’s not a bad thing, is it?


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