Yaaaaay! So, ladies and gentlemen…

After a loooooong wait, here we have our FLOOD collection covers… It has been a long wait since 2012 when we started the project but here we are. We have over a hundred poems in the poetry collection with entries from Niyi Osundare, Hyginus Ekwuazi, amu nnadi, Aondosoo Labe, Servio Gbadamosi, Jennifer Emelife, and a whole lot of beautiful people. Ah, trust me, it is a book worth waiting for. The Tale book has Pever X, Seun Odukoya, Sibbyl Whyte, Sewe Leah Anyo, Dotta Raphels, to mention a few…

Schedule for the full release online or rather, talk on that, can be found HERE

We are working on the SEVHAGE Women Collection too, we had far more submissions than we bargained for… But we will soon get to that. Anyway, we were talking about the flood… So,

without further ado, find here then, the covers…

The Rainbow Lied eCover2

The Promise e-cover (1)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. The designs are pretty cool and colorful, but not quite as colorful as the line-up of greats whose works are on showcase! And the post in itself….’Zingy’! You really are jazzing up your posts with the playful, fun and gleeful lingo you seem to be delving more into these days Sagely One! 😮😲

    Who woulda thought?! 👿😄😃

    Hit me up when this gets off of the burner and is ready to be served up will ya? Can’t wait! 😁


    1. Ah, you can sure I will get it all the way to your box… 🙂
      But me…playful lingo? Choi! This is serious business! And you can see my face now… very straight! 🙂 (Okay, ignore the smiley!)

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ease up Sagely One, take the load off and wipe off the ‘straight’ off of that look! Its scary! 😈😆

    This post sizzles, and many a true or shall I chip in , serious words are spoken in jest! 😛😋


    1. Jest abi? Let us catch you fist! We will jest away all the shakara… Hee hee hee! I am well eased…don’t mind me. Hey! Do we officially have you back.. *GoingToGetTheCelebrationPureWater

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahem…not so fast Sagely One, save the pure water for a very sunny day! 😂😂😂

        Not back fully, but I’ll do well to pop in every once in a while to come ‘binge’ on ’em awesome posts! For sure! 😊😄

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Bwahahahaha! It only looks that way to you Sagely One, from whence am standing, the glass is only half full or empty; which isn’t a bad thing! Just see it as a fun game that goes like so…’ Now you see me, and now you don’t….peek-a-boo’! 😂😂😂


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