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notes found hereafter (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

he screeched her notes she couldn’t hear

so he stayed watching over her through the night

her voice rose at the first hint of light

it was a beauty to every ear

he was nestled up hiding against the day

as she spread her wings

love held the line between the border

but time came and took two hearts away

distance stole the warmth

dreams replaced it and there they loved forever

(from Shutters of(f): Tales in Verse)



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4 thoughts on “notes found hereafter (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. Aw! How very romantic, somewhat sad though with the introduction of the heart-shattering lines….’But time came……’! 😩😭

    I mean, having only to ‘show’ love to one’s beloved in the dreamworld can tend to be quite tortuous! The longing, craving, yearning…desires reaching an all time high, burning up deep inside, bursting into flames, exploding…infernal! 😡🙉

    Am not a huge fan of long distant relationships and if these two dears only get to meet up in the realm of dreams, then its pretty tragic for them both….gruesome! 😔🙊

    I do however love the rhythmic sequence a few of the lines took on and the entire poetry in itself is a stunner, its real pretty! Big ups to you Sagely One, this totally grabs! 😁😊


    1. Honestly, few people will be thrilled by long distance romance sis…

      Life and its many complications, no?
      Many times we find our love at the wrong end. Sometimes we question our hearts wondering why it danced to a certain rhythm… In the end though, every second of a true heart’s emotion lived is worth an eternity, even if it finds its fulfilment in that land between reality and our thoughts – our dreams.

      Thanks for the thoughts, as always. I’m finding it hard to find the space of WP properly. I will survive, yes?

      Hmmm, how do I toast you to write a poem? Or drop one tale of those love journeys of yours… 🙂

      Pray tell…

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  2. Hmm…very well said Sagely One, your line of thoughts on this one are worth pondering bout cause they make an absolute world of sense! See why I refer to you as ‘Sagely One’? Wowzer!!! 👏👉

    As regards ‘toasting’ me to write a poem, I dunno Su’eddie; I really am not a Poet! I wish!!!! 😂😂😂


    1. Yemz, can you send me your email and number again… of course you know the channel 😉

      We shall see about everything else discussed here.

      From:”Su’eddie in Life n Literature” Date:Sat, 4 Jul, 2015 at 21:16 Subject:[Su’eddie in Life n Literature] Comment: “notes found hereafter (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema”


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