THE MAN WHO MOVES (Flash Fiction) by Gabriel Agema


HIS MORNING James took his time thoroughly in front of the mirror placed at the back of the door of his room. He put his red tie excellently like he had learnt in the video. On a navy blue suit and trousers with light blue shirt, he decided he had made a statement and everyone from the front of his house to his office would take note of “the man who moves.”

He goes to the table in the kitchen and sets his food down to eat. He made sure it was cereals with milk and sugar so he does not have to stain his cloth.  James swears that by the time he is done today, people’s heads would move. He eats and then leaves to stop a taxi. On his way, down the street to where he could get a taxi; he starts to feel something is wrong. After eating, he had gone to the toilet and came out, so what else could be wrong?

Anyway, he does notice people looking at him…some with eyes bulging, most especially the ladies. Bulge your eyes out, he says in his ears; you have never seen me kill like James Bond in a party at night. He wasn’t friendly with the neighbors so
 they only wave and he waves back, says some good mornings too.

He stops a taxi, enters, hoping for the taxi driver to turn around and look at what he wears or how good he looks. Nothing. Unserious driver he thinks. Drops and pays the demanded fair as said by the driver who seemed more concerned with the cleaning of the inside and outside glasses of taxi.

He enters the building and every lady coming ahead of him, have their eyes away from him. Some keep the stares, start adjusting their shirts and walk away quickly. James, James, you just are too handsome for your skins. He laughs and then…

‘James, can I have a minute with you?’ Finally, his female colleague who has been secretly admiring him now would tell him the truth.


‘Yes, dear.’

‘I like your outfit.’

‘Wow, thanks…’

‘You ate cornflakes with milk this morning right?’

‘Yes, how did you know?’

‘That’s what you bought yesterday evening and brought to the office before leaving…’

‘Okay, I bought that but still how did you notice that…’

His colleague becomes uneasy and decides to tell him what she really has in mind.


‘I know, I know…’

‘No, you don’t know anything; you don’t need a mirror to notice…’

James interjected ‘That I poured milk and cornflakes on my clothes instead of rice and stew?’

‘James, I wish…please try and fix or put your zip properly, no one wants to know if you wear sponge bob under pants!’ with this, his colleague, walks out shoulder high; at least she has done what his friends couldn’t do instead of laughing behind him.

(From A Basket of Tales: A Benue ANA Anthology which can be downloaded for free by clicking HERE)



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8 thoughts on “THE MAN WHO MOVES (Flash Fiction) by Gabriel Agema

  1. Hilarious this! Big fashion oops! 🙊🙈😂

    Either ways, he DID move the crowd and made quite the impression on everyone who dared to stare! 😂

    Nice one Sueddie, paying too much attention to stuffs can often times prove to be a damper, when things suddenly don’t work out as planned and all but go awry! Best thing, don’t overthink things, just do! Poor James! 🙉😆

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! How come I missed this?
      Ah! My sister, the way our clothes can so mess us up at the wrong time, na only God know! But yup, he got the impression… Wait a minute, why don’t you also try to leave such an impression and move a crowd somewhere 😉

      That’s my brother, Gabriel’s piece. He writes easy prose and things that leave smiles… Not much like us who are more literary etc etc…. He taught me much of my writing and creativity.

      On paying much attention to things, hmmm, what’s gonna be’s gonna be… we can only pray that the times wouldn’t bite us!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehe! Funny that you’d say that Su’eddie but I’ll have you know I’ve over- paid my dues in the ‘Fashion Oops’ department, more than I’ll ever let on and more than you’ll ever know! 😂😉

        Plus, each and every time that happened, I don’t only stop at moving the crowd, I ‘moon’ ’em and they just simply….marvel and mumble out aloud…..’who’s that girl’! 👿😛😆

        Bottomline, I’ve been there and done that, one too many times before! Am a veteran you see! Sue me! 😜😈😆

        Your brother’s doing great and with you as mentor, he simply cannot go wrong! Thanks for looking in again Sagely One, na u biko! 👍😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yemie, where are you?!! We need proof of those fashion oopsies o! Ah! We are not going to allow you go scot-free like that! 🙂

          Maybe you should write one of such… Who knows it might prove to be fun…

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Hehehe! Fun indeed Su’eddie! You’d love that wouldn’t you now?! Hmf! 😞😒

          Well, if you really wanna know, my first ever post was titled ‘Big Oops’ and its actually in two parts, so you may wanna go take a peep into my archives; to get up to speed ’bout one of mine many fashion oops moments! How ’bout it Sagely One huh?! 😆😈

          Plus, you ask….’where am I’?! And in the same vein; I ask ‘wherever have you been busy Bee’?! Cause I have been around, which is more than I can say for you! So, don’t make this ’bout me, where have YOU been hiding?! Pray, sing! *tsking* 😂😂


        3. Ah! Talk jor! You are the one who is not putting anything new for us to feed our thoughts on…etc etc…

          Me? I have been here and there na… Check Twitter and FB, and see if you wouldn’t see me – but oh well, you aren’t there. How on earth did Topazo get you here! 🙂

          I will go checking down the archival lanes. I am sure I will have a great laugh… But we need something new jare!

          Liked by 1 person

        4. How did Topazo get me here?! *pondering* Now that’s a very good question Su’eddie, but like you, am also clueless and that thus makes the two of us right?! 👿😆

          Seriously though, I did put up a new post today….a kinda sequel to an existing post ’bout pageants! You may wanna go look that up! I remain a social media hermit but you do have my E-mail addy and you can hit me up whenever! So you see, am not exactly outta reach; just not into FB and Twitter, am different that way! Cool ei?! 😜😩😄

          Liked by 1 person

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