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A MEETING TOO LATE (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for Ify Omalicha and a few others)

Your nimble hands scribbled notes
and played a verse that called my heart
to a dance my feet tapped to.

Procrastination put iron shoes to a meeting
where both our smiles would have dined
while we sipped of a shared bliss…

Slowly, I took off those shoes and found the road to your ends
but got news on arrival that you had found the road to my ends—
found the road on that journey to your eternal end…

They speak of you now in ‘was’ tenses:
She WAS delivered by the roads to the summons
of Everyman.

Anguish boils in my soul
and sorrow becomes a flood
that breaks my eye banks in streams.

Can I find the ease to kiss away this sorrow
of words that never came
proclaiming my love of your verse and… you?



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

19 thoughts on “A MEETING TOO LATE (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

    1. our own williamleeone: thank you and you don’t know how much your words always mean… Not just the compliments but also reading you: the cryptic ways you play with your own compositions with small punches that leave big effects… Ahhhh! You the man!

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  1. Aw! This is oh so tortuously, somewhat gloriously sad! Of words left unsaid and destinies torn apart for all of eternity! 😔
    I guess in the end, its safe to say these two weren’t exactly meant to be or perhaps, they just might get a crazy chance at a happily ever after in the afterlife….when he’s delivered by the roads to the summons of everyman! 😊And that’s my imagination running oh soooo wild! 😆

    A romantic composition of a hauntingly sad love story! Nice one Su’eddie; real nice! 👉😁

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    1. Merci Yemie! Where have you been sis? Howdy? Thanks for the thoughts. This is largely fiction but a certain story played at my heart and gave birth to this… I do hope they find their love again – hopefully not through the gory fate of the roads… The end through the road isn’t a funny way to go. But then, which way is sweet to go?

      Thanks Yemz… You do me well with each word said and make even the effort worth it.
      You, Izza, Williamleeone, Topaz, DrSwag… You really make it worth it.

      I owe you my next poetry book when it gets out. Send me an address, will you?

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      1. Oh Sagely One! It always a great pleasure reading from you! Its really cute that you’d wanna bless me with one of your spectacular publications! You’re gonna make me cry! Will forward an addy to you Sire; and don’t forget to autograph it, especially for moi! Cherish that book I shall; for as long as I shall live! Mwah! 💋❤😂

        As regards that storyline….I love it! It sizzles and well, love always wins and conquers in the end! 😊😄😉


        1. Does love always do that?

          The difference between the tales, the reality and the things that fall into place… If we were to play to the tunes of the heart, I am sure it would be a better dance…

          Oh well… So, yup, definitely autograph will make the deal! I will just write ‘Autograph’ 😀

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        2. Autograph inscribed like duh, don’t be silly Su’eddie! Are you really serious though?! Tah!!! 😞😒

          The heart can oft times be fickle Sagely One, failing to give us what we need and choosing rather to dole out to us what we want; which may not necessarily be right and or may be costly with grave consequences! I came about this superb quote lately that says ‘ Falling in love’s like jumping off a building, your mind screams…don’t do it, you’ll DIE but your heart says… just do it and I can FLY’! 😂

          If the two persons involved however burn for each other, well then; the heart oughta be given the thumbs up, for getting it right! Needless to say loving and being loved in return; is the greatest feeling of all! 😊😄😉

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        3. Well, true…the best feeling it is. But then again, there’s its evil twin: lovelorn; to be loved and not loved back in return…

          And finding two hearts that beat to the same rhythm is one of the greatest miracles… Sadly, even when they do, sometimes they go different ways.

          By the way… I love the saying… We will let go and FLY. 🙂

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