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Our own Anoosha, growing writer and fine friend…

Anoosha Fatima

She’s an embodiment of hope

Because of her strong compassion

Her once, deserted self

Now was a thorough transformation

She stood at the verge of acceptance

With occasional periods of solitude

Yet her character implied as

An ever increasing magnitude.

Eradicating each misery

Demolishing extremes

Proselytizing her beliefs and

Following her ceaseless dreams.

In the nexus of religions

Her theology was unique

However these religious differences

Were not what she intended to seek.

Pagans formed a crowd beside

The one with endless proclamations

But she had God to satisfy

Not the spectrum of expectations.

When it comes to belief

She may be misguided

But she chose Him over them

When she confided.

Her absolute trust

And unparalleled heart

Formed a list of qualities

With no end, just a start.

Her flawless identity

Faced religious discrimination

But her mind was pure, so

She thought these not as intimidation.

Her fine, well-meant…

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