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Give a Little More (Real Life in IDP Camps) by Agatha Aduro

For a break, here’s showing a side of Africa some people might be familiar with from TV. We have so much beauty that I always try to show here but I guess like most developed countries, we have our own issues too. Here’s a real experience that helps put a lot in perspective. Share the word, give what help you can and more, put us all in prayers. May the heavens give us the grace to be better and help make our earth a better place. Amen.

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In the last two weeks, I have visited two IDP camps. The first was two Sundays ago, when a friend called me up and said he wanted to go to the particular camp where people who fled from Chibok are. He’s not in Abuja, so he needed me to find the place and make first contact. I didn’t even know there was a camp specific to Chibok people so I asked my dear friend Google and she had an answer (yeah, women know everything!); the camp is in Kuje. Unfortunately, Google could not give a more specific location. So, I jumped into my car, picked up a friend and took a drive there.

Yesterday, I went to another IDP camp in Wasa, this time with the NGO I volunteer for; True Help and Empowerment for Women and Youth (THE WAY foundation). We went to give out relief materials to the…

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