SPACES AND GARMENTS (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema


There are spaces
Spaces everywhere
filled with memories forgotten
remembered; unwritten
Spaces between dreams and reality

Where I search to find

that which ‘Now’ denies

I fall into these spaces


now and again

still in today’s stagnant puddles

remnant of the tides of thought and time

Never enough, I crave

you out of the grave

The silence finds me

echoing resoundingly


I struggle out of the robe of grief
to find relief
but discover an inner garment clinging to my soul
a garment I cannot remember
A garment embroidered of loneliness
the fading texture of your presence.
I try to pull it off,
I do
I fear this one would never come off…



(From Bring our casket home: Tales one shouldn’t tell. Makurdi: SEVHAGE, 2012)



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11 thoughts on “SPACES AND GARMENTS (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. The second verse is riveting. An image that will hover for a long time…
    We never really recover from loss of a loved one….we just learn to live with the yawning chasm…

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    1. 😦
      You have been there! I wrote that collection when I was trying to come to terms with a loss that totally defied me. In the end, we learn to endure the absence, abi? Kai… Hmmm, I saw that your other comment. Lemme go and catch you there!


  2. Lovely piece here Sagely One and even as the saying goes that all things grow with time except grief; it kinda feels like as we lose loved ones; we also lose a part of ourselves and we’re literally buried with ’em as the statuesque changes! Then the pain and hurt rears their ugly heads upon realizing that things will never be the same again and we’d never behold ’em never ever again! Moreso, when we know that the void these precious ones left behind in the wake of their passing; will never again be filled by any other; for all of eternity! So spaces and garments Su’eddie; totally gets me, of that you can be plenty sure ’bout! Great stuff! 👉😊

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    1. Yemie, you are sooooo on point over here that I am wondering if it is really you! Chai, na wa o… Who gave you the expo 🙂

      One thing we truly never comprehend or come to terms with is grief and loss. Reminds me a lot about those we’ve lost. May the sands lie softly on them and the grace of the heavens be there to welcome them in.

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      1. Like duh, what expo do you refer?! 😞😛

        A big Amen to your prayers, Sagely One; you really are becoming quite the prayer warrior Su’eddie and the way these prayers of yours are concocted and constructed are pretty much exclusive to you by golly! 😂😂

        Aondo bless you Sire! Shalom! 😇😆

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        1. Expo on the reason I wrote jor! 🙂
          Hmmmm…. *deep sigh* Really? Na wa o! Na you talk o… As one of my favourite signatory lines goes: ‘May His grace fall like dew on your face and follow you from place to place’ 🙂

          How far jare? I was trying to get through to you… Needed some sharp talk but oh well… I’ll retry.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Hehehe and that line of prayer’s soooo perfect and poetically so too…..coolness! 😎👏😄

          Sharp talk?! What’s that even mean?! 😞

          Plus, am just sitting here, bursting my chops and balling! I mean, I got right into your head and found you out with that expo thingy! Am i good or what?! 😂😂😆

          I’m sure you’re taking it in your stride now though, and coping well! You’ll BE fine; you’ll see! 😉

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