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Okay, as the Chairman of the Association of Nigerian Authors (Benue State Chapter), I usually have to let us know what is happening at that level. So, here’s sharing… This is for our Benue people and also, those of you who wish to have an idea of what we do… Merci!

Association of Nigerian Authors (Benue) Blog

Good morning everyone. How are you doing? I hope we are all writing well. We have a few ANNOUNCEMENTS.
1. Fashamo Dennis (our Financial Secretary) got married on Saturday to former Ms. Winifred Wandoo Igyubua. It was a fine ceremony. Ortserga Maik​, Pever​ X and myself led the ANA team to the wedding. It took place at BSU and was graced by Prof. Charity Angya, Dr. Christy Anyogo, amongst others.

2. Dr. Terver Chieshe​ will be having a listening party for his new musical album at Aminu Isa Kontagora Hall on 24th April, 2015. Red Carpet starts at 4:00pm. He is a multi-talented artist and writer who keeps churning out literary work after the other. Please be there.

3. We had a small literary meeting yesterday at Ejja hotel. Now, we critiqued ourselves and had our first bottles on the house 🙂 We will be meeting next Sunday (26th April…

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