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Sexy Chance (A Short Story) by Damore Alli

A nice piece here… for your reading.

Sevhage Reviews


It was a fleeting impulse. Plus it was dark and cold too. One of those nights when having someone to hold a brilliant literary conversation with would make a golden moment. Adetutu lay in her bed, headphones on, listening to this ‘meet up’ show on radio; at first, with mock interest. She had never really been a fan of those shows, because they just didn’t seem well planned enough to yield something worthwhile.

There were two presenters on there, one male, one female. The man kept pronouncing ‘really’ as ‘re-ally’ stressing the name like you would pronounce it in ‘reality’, and the woman just seemed to be trying too hard. But Mr Re- ally had a lovely voice.

Adetutu had always wondered if it was okay to meet up with a total stranger through a radio program. Safety issues aside, there was ego to worry about. What would it look…

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