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Creative writting course 2014: The Choice Pt2

I’ve been blog surfing… There’s something raw to burningrock’s blog that I like. I was working on a million things then I just discovered myself lost there and also at another blog – that I can’t remember now 🙂 This old age is something, no?

Oh well. So, here’s a salute to my new find and to you, reader friend. Cheers!

Ghost of a Shadow

Part 1

After months of happiness and a ring in his pocket, they stood in front of the sofa they had ‘snuggled’ on, next to the squarish coffee table where they would rest their intertwined feet and throw insults at bad films; she kept an icy distance between them. The reformed merc was ready to commit his whole glorious life to the women who had locked away his gun; given him choices that society refused most Spacers and other outcasts, the ultimate salvation about to turn to the ultimate tragic joke.

“I don’t know how to say this”, the first verbal gutter punch slammed him, her clinical tone adding an extra sting “It’s not working” a coldly emotionless blow delivered to the chin “I don’t think we should stay together” the final vocal hit. Pure rejection clouded Yovac’s sunny blue sky mood… “Ok… I understand…” barely managing to stammer a…

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