Hi, my name is Su’eddie Vershima Agema and yes, except working with a publishing house and holding some literary administrative positions, I LOVE BOOKS, WRITING AND PEOPLE! I also like bringing books to people’s attention and finding a way to share works I love and works of people I come across…

Now, we have a blog, and we have had some wonderful reviews and interviews: Abubakar Adam Ibrahim (Caine Prize Shortlist 2013) and Reward Nsirim are just a few. We are launching some interview series soon to feature amazing Nigerian, African and international writers! Yaaaaay! Plus, we have features of reviews on their works as well as select pieces. If you haven’t seen it, get there and see it…

Book World!
Book World! 

Oh well, too much talk. We need reviewers! Have you been reading any good book and would love to share your thoughts on it? Thoughts on literature… We welcome them all. Please send an email at with the title: ‘REVIEW’ and we will take it from there. Do you think that you can’t really review professionally? Oh, come on! That isn’t a problem… I am not sure I can… and I prefer the ones that only show what you feel. So, if you can, simply write your thoughts and let’s see how we can make all of it fun…

Trust me, you will be connecting to a great community and who knows where it will take you to tomorrow? I offer you my friendship too and let’s see where it will take us to.




Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. I, sir. you have always been an inspiration to me sir. so, I’m in. This is an opportunity to really, for real, establish friendship with you sir, and to learn from you sir….. But only that I’m not sure if I could write somethin worth your read sir. I believe I can write but somethin just makes me stop, and I feel sad about it – my vocabularies gets lost while at the tip of my tongue. My future career is to be a journalist and of course a poet, storyteller & writer.

    All this makes me feel sad sir…. and hopeless, sometimes.


    1. Hey Salisu, thank you, for every compliment and your words are warming. I don’t know what would be worth my read but let’s work together and see how we can make our writings far better…
      Truth is I think you – you, Salisu – improve with every new thing you post. Do you remember that piece you wrote for me? It was most lovely and I didn’t think twice about reblogging.
      Hold on to those dreams of yours – the journalist and writer. It will all come to pass. Put in the effort, strive to write something that will leave you smiling…

      We dey together man 🙂 Many thanks and let’s see what your thoughts are on any book…


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