In literature today, two things stand out – it is World Poetry Day and it is also Chinua Achebe day – hee hee hee! I just brought this out. But c’mon, we should give this man that

Chinua Achebe (1930-2013 and on in our hearts)
Chinua Achebe (1930-2013 and on in our hearts)

honour. Achebe is a great guy whose work continues to echo in our thoughts. In deed, truly, when we pray that the ink of our thoughts never dry, we can say his runs on long after the sands fell upon his remains far away in Ogidi…

Words - Poetry
Words – Poetry

What is poetry and why do we need to celebrate it? I have mentioned, maybe a million times, that poetry to me, is like art, an expression of one’s innermost feelings. It is the beauty of the rays that colour our days; the duty we owe to beauty; the capturing of every thing fine in a line – or maybe many more. Just anything that makes us less sore. It is the wow feeling that has dealing words that would ease the hurt of swords. What is poetry? Didn’t you hear all I said? It is everything said and in the beauty of irony, the silence of all too.

It all sounds abstract till you begin to think of how words can raise nations, destroy it, how words can stir us up, and take us down. Think more of how the words fill the soul and make us whole. When you ever had to woo someone, that was poetry. When you had to take a certain decision; to be or not to be… that was the word. So, is the word poetry? Is poetry simply the word? What lies to make a difference to both?

Think deep… not too deep as to make you sleep but think… Those lines in which verse thrilled you all around… Words building on each other, taking a strange order. You think you might never have written true verse but think again…

In the beginning was the word…

But let us leave poetry as an entity for a minute and think of the celebration – World Poetry Day. Why celebrate it? Maybe because we need one special day to pay tribute to crafters of the word, versifiers who have paid the price to be called sages, bards and the like.

I remember on this day, words passed down from generation to generation: legends and folklore that my father passed down to me in words never written. I remember the orality of all of those: orature, the oral poetry. Poetry helped carry my history and has made me more whole giving a greatness to my soul sealing the ignorance of a dark hole. For that, I celebrate poetry.

I remember on this day, people who led by the passion of the verse stayed on crafting verse while pouring their souls teaching lessons that have left me thinking in different directions. I think of lines from forever ago that have been captured in lines that leave me wowed now and on. For that, I celebrate poetry.

I remember on this day, people who ministered to me and got me out of the depths of certain anguish. I remember Shakespeare, I remember Okigbo, I remember Chinua Achebe, I remember Wordsworth, Edgar Allan Poe, T. S. Elliot, Ezenwa-Ohaeto, Kofi Awoonor… Fallen poets whose words were swords that created peace and soothing; poets who were able to stand their grounds thinking in lines that echo their presence even as the times with the reality of gone souls proclaim their absence. For that, I celebrate poetry.

I remember on this day, many writers bleeding to a headache despite little or no reward, writing on, and trying to do their best so that life will bring far more: I remember teachers and friends, award winners, promoters and thinkers… I remember Hyginus Ekwuazi, Chuma Nwokolo, Chijioke Amu Nnadi, Remi Raji, Saddiq Dzukogi, TJ Benson, Servio Gbadamosi, Dami Ajayi, Iquo Eke, G’ Ebinyo Ogbowei, Ebi Yeibo, Sibbyl Whyte, Agatha Aduro, Debbie Iorliam, Sewe Leah Anyo, Graciano, Enigmatic Olumide, Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, Dike Chukwumerije, Rasheed, Kemjy Xtien, Emmanuel Iduma, Maik Ortserga, Chris Abani, Jennifer Chinenye Emelife, Yakori Mohammed, Richard Ali, Adeola Opeyemi, Major Agee, Ene Odaba, Celina Kile, Sam Ogabidu, Damian Terkaa Jam, Chiedu Ezeanah, Bose Tsevende, Chukwuemeka Obi-Obasi, Jerry Adesewo, Omadachi Oklobia, Aondosoo Labe, David Ishaya Osu, Rasak Gbolahan, and a million other poets, friends with whom I have dined… had the fun of suffering with too, and had the joy of some cool days. I have enjoyed their verses, beautiful pieces that have left me smiling in glee… and also shared the anguish of that time when the muse left and they wondered if they were any good … Had those days when we shared thoughts and wondered if our verse was worth it at all… Does poetry sell? Why waste our time? Still, they bled away precious time as they let the ink flow. They let it go; when it was fast, when it went past and even when it was slow. I hail them all on this day as we let the times fly by and then craft words together again, throw them away, find others and scribble on. For this, I celebrate poetry.

On this day, I remember a lot of poets who are great patriots… Writing a lot as well as trying their best to create means to bring ways to make it better. Think of Okigbo whose passion led him to the floor at Opi; dead for a Biafra he believed in. Now, there’s Chuma Nwokolo who is bringing up a most beautiful movement to help fight corruption, the Bribe Code Act, that I think you should check and sign up to. Check it out here. For this, I celebrate poetry.

There’s much to poetry that leaves me amazed every time and every day. World Poetry Day reminds me to celebrate this great craft.

On this day, I am also reminded to celebrate the beauty of writing and the eternal bliss it creates, of how it changes much in thoughts and views as exemplified in Chinua Achebe who taught us a new way to write; in deed, showed our people in a new light and thought us to think right.

So, even as you read this or move on, wherever you are, join me if only for a minute to celebrate the beauty of forever.

In the beginning, was the word. In the end, what becomes of us; what is our tale? Simply, a collection of words.

Happy Chinua Achebe day. Happy World Poetry Day.

Chinua Achebe (1930-2013-In our hearts)
Chinua Achebe (1930-2013-In our hearts)


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  1. true, poetry has of late become an inspiration to many world over. for example a certain radio station in malawi organised poetry day bringing poets both old and new, i tell you alot of money was realised. however, there was a futbo match between two famous clubs in my country that attract many supporters, but alas people patronised the poetry party so to say. most radio stations have embraced poetry and are promoting it. meanwhile poetry association oe malawi contemplates of organising her own poetry concert. chinua great african hero achebe needs to be remembered in a great grand style.


    1. Hmmmm…. It isn’t everyday that you hear of poetry defeating football like that … Wow! There were a few celebrations around Nigeria to mark the day and the attendance was quite impressive. The coincidence with Chinua Achebe’s memorial is even more significant for us here….

      You have a poetry association in Malawi there? Cool… How does one join it from these our parts? Is it allowed? Glad to hear you Sir Christopher…


    1. Happy World Poetry month to us…may the verse of our days be such as to leave us dancing to the rays πŸ™‚ Things can only get better πŸ˜‰


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