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A Tale for Su’eddie

Nice poem…in tribute to a tribute… There’s a nice playfulness and seeming drunkenness of life that is invoked in these lines. Perhaps the picture at the beginning of the post says it all. We drink to life and fight for what mouthfuls we can with the gods. May the times be kind.

a.m. salisu

man drinking wine from gourd

O’ look sir,
up a-spread the pulsating sky,
O’er the little shining stains
…..of Night darkly attired gown,
Look! there, the big rounded rock,
not frowning at all as it carries a folk
a Man’s atop holding a gourd,
filled of wine from the inns of Gods,
he takes a gulp,
from the gourdfull of wine,
stared for like a spinning or more,
to stir-in the wine he gulped at once,
“he he he!” he’d busted to laughter.
“ha ha ha!” the Gods be fadging,
haa-‘d! so merrily in turns at time,
has all had come; gathered to revel?
for he’d claimed his seat
…….amidst of the Gods!

– psalisu. (28th Feb. 2015)

(written for the poet Su’eddie V. Agema, in tribute to writer Abubakar Gimba, and my grandfather, who lived a yearhundred and more)


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One thought on “A Tale for Su’eddie

  1. This is a beautifully composed tribute adorned with so much glee! I love the lingo and the sunshine it seeks to bring and spread around, even as family and friends mourn the passing of one who I can’t lay claims to knowing, but who I think was probably an Icon in his own right! In which case, it’d be a celebration of life! Plus, I can as well say this poem’s put paid to that and his loved ones will find one of many reasons to smile, as they go through the motions! Kudos to the author, nice! LOL


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