if this was…

If this was not this, and maybe was that, what will be now?

What is now is because it is what will make later better and appreciable to leave you smiling…

This is this now because this is how this is meant to be. We can twist it to whatever mould to leave us with smiles… Or maybe, leave it and twist ourselves to leave us vile…

If this was that, perhaps evil will be more… Maybe we will be worse sore… For now, this is this and so, let us use it best to create every other that.




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9 thoughts on “if this was…

  1. …and if this was NOT?… Be if this was deed by the hands of the devil to wall one’s flowing rivers of joy. if this be so; then it shall be unwise for one to sit by the riverside, silently; in pain, and Hope. if this you’ve said be true; what be of that I was told….

    A wise-one once told me

    “Come my son, sit by me. I shall tell you this, and you should heed. Hope is non but a distraction.


  2. If this was not, Salisu, it would be that… And this was that, then that would be this… So, to say, this is always this because this is what this is meant to be – simply, this.
    But hope helps us enjoy this, for even when this is not what we want… We can hope… For hope is more than a distraction. It is the brother to faith, and companion of love… These, which we carry, to get us there.


    1. Yes, fate can be changed…But we can only change our fate when we accept our state… Only then, can we rewrite whatever it is we have on our slate…

      Or don’t you think so Salisu?


  3. Wowzer! I love the wordplay here! Its got my head banging but that’s the whole idea init?! LOL

    We all know that life’s not the way its supposed to be (since every individual’s got the ‘perfect’ model of what life should actually be), its just the way it is! Now, the way we learn to cope with it, however way it turns out, is what makes the difference ultimately in the long run! We therefore tend to take back control from it and be on top of things, rather than below ’em, so we’re not subdued! When we’re no longer able to change a situation….we’re challenged to change ourselves! For me, I don’t worry ’bout what I’ve got absolutely no control over! I just live through each day, seizing it and making the best of it as I can! LOL

    Thought-provoking piece Su’eddie! Na u biko o, well done! LMAO!


  4. Since this is this, then who or what made it so?
    Us or ‘life’ or others or a cocktail of all?
    That this is this doesn’t mean it was meant to be
    But since this is this, then let it be

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    1. They must show themselves 🙂

      Victor, should we let it be simply because it is? Remember, as you said, that though this is, it might not have been what was meant to be… So, if this is this now – and maybe it is getting us down, is there a way we can change it so we don’t wear a frown?


  5. frown? you say sir. do we not need it? is it not a part of humanity? now I know what this all means (life) a composition of bad and good for a bad or a good latter. the absent of one may cost the world it lively breathing.

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    1. Our live breath is something, I guess, we have to cherish and hold deeply. No matter how we flow, we have to be careful… Too many this and thats that might not get us in the right frame but if we keep our heads right, we will glide to better sides and get better…far better, even beyond our thoughts.


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