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The Slip

Something about Victor’s stories is that you always find a slip at the end… 🙂 Here’s another one. Enjoy!


freedom-bottom-newSaturday morning. Tranquil. Me, in bed. Lounging. Music in the background. Inhale. Exhale. This moment should be frozen. Savoured. My neighbour doesn’t think so. I open on the eighth knock. She knows I’m in. I see her lips move, her voice a meaningless echo in my head. It takes a while for some words to register. I do not belabour my mind to connect them. Her voice drones on. Incessant. I’m getting antsy. Too polite to slam the door in her face, I nod in a way that suggests comprehension. She stops talking. I assume she’s done. As the door slams, the word ‘rude’ filters in. Too bad. I am half-way across the living room already.

Ah, music. Soothing. I drift to sleep. Short-lived though. Somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind, I sense a presence. I open first one eye, then the other. Emem is smiling at me…

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5 thoughts on “The Slip

  1. Thanks for sharing Su’eddie, that was a brilliant piece of writing! Funny and well executed and I see you’re keeping your promise then! I feel so honored right now! *rme* Thanks a lot Boss! *laughing*


    1. Ah! Are you asking me? I loved the story…the way it flowed and …slipped 🙂

      See why I say you should try your hands out on some fiction too? I think you will do some really cool wonders with the ink of your thoughts o… Hmmm… Or do we mention it as the forge of your creativity? Let’s get it cracking o… Okay o!


      1. Hmmm…Su’eddie, the Grand Crusader of the Written, Published Works! You give me wayyyy too much credit! Fictitious works are not in the works for me right now! Dunno ’bout tomorrow, but we’ll see! You really are persistent though and Gawd knows I wanna be like you when I grow up! I do, I really do! I wish! *rme* LMAO!

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        1. So, when will ‘right now’ be over? We have to do something o… That tomorrow you mentioned was three days ago… Can we bring it to actualisation? Hmmmm…

          When you grow up? Okay… We will be waiting… Not so…? Did you read the new poem, ‘Vraisemblance’. It is an old poem that I wrote randomly


        2. Hehehehe! Patience is a virtue and am sure you know that bit much more than I do Su’eddie! So then, keep those fingers crossed will you?! Surely, tomorrow cometh, IF it comes, so help me Aondo! LMAO!

          Plus, I did see your newest offering! Been a tad busy myself, just like you; Busy Bee; but I’ll get to it as soon as I can manage! Be on the look out for me! LOL


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