Men too love (Spoken Word) by Ene Odaba

In the warmth of her arms he felt safe
As though he was not huge and big
And she was not small and skinny
Fought in a war a few hours ago
His hands stained with blood
He still loved to stay there forever
Another man she belonged to

Missed a game in the forest
Still bitter in heart
His gun quite loaded in his hands

Even now he was behind
The love nest: red and ruthless!
Only her screams could be heard now

Holding his lifeless arm
For love had made her adulterous
Forced in a covenant she despised
Dragged like she was curse herself

Into the world for all to see her shame
No man would behave unusual
So the world: they raised stones and tongues on her

She died looking to heaven

With tears gushing down her lifeless face

After the world took judgment and killed its own

He miserably strode home

Half hoping to see her again

Men too love (Read a touching story here...)
Men too love (Read a touching story here…)

Could not bear the void home

And so a heart

Upon his gun he swallowed a bullet

Leaving the world behind to say

Men, too, love…



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5 thoughts on “Men too love (Spoken Word) by Ene Odaba

  1. Ouch! This stings! Another sad love poem! We women may more often than not be the emotional wrecks that we are, but the truth’s that men actually DO love too and go through heart breaks, even as difficult as that sounds! Once you’re fortunate enough to have a heart, regardless of what gender you are; then you’re definitely gonna feel things that folks who have fallen ‘victim’ of that beautiful, surreal thing called love! There’s NO escaping that, no place to hide! LMAO!

    Beautiful poem, pretty sad and tragic, reminiscent of the evergreen and timeless tale of ‘Romeo and Juliet’! And that other story of the man whose wife slumped and died, moved me to tears! That’s love in its purest form and I hope that poor man will not perhaps die on the heels of his wife’s passing, seeing as they were real entwined as two hearts beating as one! They were both the harmony to each other’s heart beat!

    Thanks for sharing Su’eddie and kudos to the poet too! Nice! LOL


    1. Hmmmm, dear dear Yemie… Where does one start? Pele… Offline duties tok me off a bit but oh well, here we are.

      I found the poem, quite sad too. But I had to read it a couple of times to get the meaning. Some Romeo and Juliet stuff, abi? Maybe a bit worse. There are different explanations to this poem and I think I will just leave it at the surface level so that we don’t get too much grammar… Grammar can be so one kain sometimes.

      I had finished lining this up for posting and had it in draft when I chanced upon that picture on the web. It was so touching that I had to go to the source and yes, I was really moved. There’s love in the world, dear. A whole lot of it.
      To think that they – the couple – were married… makes it more cute. We men should hold on to our ladies and vice versa. There’s much we can get…

      Ah! God save us from the troubles of the increased rubbles of evil that might attack us.

      Let love lead.

      PS: Yemie, what will you do for love?


      1. Why does something ’bout this question remind me of that Meatloaf’s evergreen rock classic, ‘I’ll do everything for love, but I won’t do that’! And I’ve had to listen to that tune outta curiosity a gazillion times over, just to figure out that which he wouldn’t do! Funny init?! LMAO!

        What will I do for love?! Let’s see…..*pondering* Yes, I get it now! For me love’s all about self-sacrifice! I’ll put in and give my all whole-heartedly, to the best of my God-given abilities and I do expect to get back in return! Love’s a two-way street and feelings should flow both ways! It should be give and take! Parties involved oughta be willing to share of each other in great measure, shaken together, pressed down and running over to overflowing! That’s the only time it becomes worthwhile! *laughing*

        I don’t know exactly what I’ll do for love but I do know NOT to cross the line and do something totally outta character, like kill another for instance! That, amongst other horrors are off limits for me, wayyy outta line! For love, I won’t do any twisted stuff, eish! Mbanu! My frail heart will simply not let me! Can’t deal! ROTFLMAO!


        1. I remember that song… Wow! But wait, was there really the part of ‘I won’t do that?’ *scratching bearbear… 🙂 Try figuring it out again… It will come… and when it does, pass it on, will ya?

          Frail heart… *sips a drink and shakes with laughter! Mwahahahahaahaha! Oh well, frailty has sure changed in definition since my time… Oh well… I can only hope that love will be kind to you. Many times we put much and expect to get same… The beauty of love is that you don’t always get what you invest but as long as you remember that Aondo is the true definition of love and how He showers His affection on us – no matter how we behave towards Him, then it puts a whole of things into perspective. Yes, I think that is the trail to follow.

          Yemie, is there a mail you have unanswered? #Datsall.


        2. *chuckling* First, let me tender my sincerest, very heartfelt and unreserved apology ’bout that mail bit! Please do bear with my hang-ups, its totally outta character that I’d leave a mail hanging without giving a feedback in due course! It just couldn’t be helped you see, I’ve been kinda busy of late but I’ll get to it, so be on the look-out, will ya?! I’m sooo sorry ’bout that, my bad! I’m I forgiven then?! So then, are we plenty ‘cool’ now?! *eyelashes* LOL

          Rather than have me figure what Meatloaf will not do for love, wouldn’t it be a lot easier to go dig out the lyrics on U-Tube?! *raised eyebrow*
          Now that sounds like a plan to me, don’t it?! *grimacing* LMAO!

          God is love! He’s the only one capable of showing and demonstrating pure, steadfast, unshaking and unconditional love in its truest form to us ward! Glory Hallelujah! *laughing*

          Thanks for the tidings Su’eddie, I also wish thee love and every good and perfect gift that Aondo gives to His children! Plus, that short story was a banger! Curveball of life! You totally blew me off and away as I hal expected that hubby woulda actually flung out wifey’s shoes outta the window! I definitely didn’t see that one coming! Brilliantly conceived and a total crack-up! I give it thou, you’re the bomb digitty! Way to go bwoi! ROTFLMAO!


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