You languished patiently
for months on end
in dungeon darkness

From Viral Nova... To watch an incredible video on a man who turned a still born loss to joy, please click here: Su'eddie
From Viral Nova… To watch an incredible video on a man who turned a still born loss to joy, please click here: Su’eddie

in intestinal convolutions
and indefinable chaos

You had neither shadow
nor silhouette
You had every right
to riot and complain
or raise your voice
in protest or defiance

I could feel your lust
to join the dead
living world
Your muted attempts
to burst like Christmas chicken
into life

It is not my fault
that you did not live
to be a brother or sister
or lover of some black child
that you did not experience pain
pleasure voluptuousness and salt
in the wound
that your head did not stop
a police truncheon
that you are not a permanent resident
of a prison island.

NOTE: Mandlenkosi Langa is a South African writer and wrote this poem during the days of Apartheid. Find an extensive analysis of the poem here.



  1. Gripping in tale, sheer beaut and magnificence in poetry, ONLY in poetry! None should go through this, its pretty horrifying! Only best imagined! Thanks for sharing ‘Viashima’, this sizzles! LMAO!


    1. Hmmm… Yemie, you don’t want to stop this your ‘Viashima’ joke abi….? Hmmm, lemme catch you first.

      Yes, I think this is a nice poem – whether you look at it from the base level or from its deepest depth. A lot of work went into the poem and the final thing we see is cute – well, the writing at least. May the heavens save us from every such evil! Amen.


      1. A big Amen to that Sir! Its funny how poetry can make situations that are anything but beautiful or magnificent, really appealing and enticing! Still can’t wrap my head ’round that bit, but its so true! Twisted init?! *shrugs* LOL

        Why are you still so hung up ’bout the ‘Viashima’ thingy?! That’s the way your name oughta be pronounced and you’ve already cleared the air that you aint the soldier dude, which then begs the question….why is it such a bother?! I mean, not unless you’re the ‘named but unknown’ soldier or are you?! *raised eyebrow* My curiosity’s roused at this point! LOL

        I’m sure there are thousands of ‘Viashimas’, running around the place so chillax will you?! Can you do that Su’eddie, can you?! LMAO!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I shall make no more comment about the name … but,… well, the name isn’t so ‘thousandish’… 🙂

          Poetry and its ironies. Things are usually fun all the way when you give it your full thoughts.

          I really can’t wait to see some poems sha… 🙂


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