CONQUEST (Old Fiction) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Couple Cuddling
From YNaija

Viashima heard the voice again. What was that song she was singing? He smiled. No I shouldn’t be smiling. I should stay put. He rushed to the window and saw her pass by. It was the beginning of the traditional tale of a man looking at a lady’s buttocks and swallowing. He had read much of it, had even been a victim in some time past. What is it in those butts? Well, whatever it was, it sure sent adrenaline rushing. But this time it was different. He wasn’t meant to be looking. Take your eyes jor. Kai. She must be fifteen. No, he couldn’t do that. That was the same age as the other girl. But she’s been in my brain since forever. No, he couldn’t. He wished he was a drinker. Maybe this would be the time to start. Which kind of temptation is this? Natural one. Take your eyes Viashima. But she looked edible. Edible? Damn!

He had promised to be different in Mbanor. Why was this being difficult? Why was Kano pursuing him?

Flee the Devil and he would flee from thee.

Viashima thought about it and in the end decided that the best way to conquer evil was to face it squarely. Whatever one runs from comes back. After all, one of the laws of engagement was direct challenge. Challenge then conquest. He had been in a few situations to know that. Why else was he in the army? Yup, he would.

The song heralded her passage. He was out in a moment.

‘Hey!’ He called in as calm a voice as he could.

It took six days to get a reply. IT was worth it. They were in his room now. She was a bit older than he thought. Seventeen. They had been talking for a full month now and he knew a lot about her. He always looked forward to their meetings. It was fortunate that the country was a bit peaceful. At least, there was time. She was a worthy companion and his views of her improved. From a pastime, she became an aspect of the day he looked forward to. She was talking at the moment:

‘That is why I am always alone. It is also why I sing. I get sickly sometimes too. So, it would seem I am denied most of the pleasures of life.’

That seemed to click something in his thoughts. He looked at her and the first thoughts came rushing in torrents all the way.

‘There is a certain pleasure you sure wouldn’t want to miss.’

It was a year. He still thought they should wait. She didn’t:

‘Promise it wouldn’t hurt.’

Who usually taught them that phrase? It seemed all of them usually said something of that like or similar. He had heard several people say they had heard something like that on their first.

‘Maybe, we should wait.’

‘You are a very different type of soldier. Come on, this is your last night but one. Who knows what would happen next?’

‘I would come back.’

‘If you don’t, I would come and take something of yours.’

Take something of yours. His mind wandered to a few other things, to different people and different stories. It went mainly to Kano and he winced.

‘Maybe we should wait.’

She looked at him and in her eyes he saw pools of love. Pools of trust. It seemed no hex could stop them that night.

‘Viashima.’ She always got the pronunciation perfectly – Vi-a-shi-ma. Like most times, he became weak.

She stooped, he conquered… and time stopped.

(‘Conquest’ is an excerpt from a work in progress by Su’eddie Vershima Agema. ‘Conquest’ is published here for the first time and appears in February in a new collection edited by Su’eddie Vershima Agema)



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18 thoughts on “CONQUEST (Old Fiction) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. Wow! This hilarious piece sure brings back some nostalgic feelings of the days of old! I’d really love to see if this ‘lust-struck’ soldier moved from having a clandestine relationship with this starry-eyed lassie to a lifelong commitment! Should be interesting to know where this quest or conquest takes ’em both! Nice Su’eddie, real nice! Ahem….you wouldn’t by any chance be Viashima would you?! I coulda sworn he sounded a teeny-tiny bit like you! *laughing*

    Keep me in the know when you’re done churning this up! My interest’s soooo piqued! LOL


    1. Yikes! I totally missed the name of that character! Thank you Yemie! I might have to rework that name o! And no, he definitely sounded nothing like me! Lemme catch you first!
      The story will be completed in its full length and maybe I will work it more into something more complex. It would be a thread to a far wider fabric… Na wa o… See grammar.
      Any ways… You like it? Thank you. I need to clean it up really and put it right.
      How will you have had the story end?


      1. So Viashima’s not you then?! Really, REALLY?! OHK! I believe you! You just so happened to be sakes! Shit happens abi?! Its one of those things….’Coincidences’, and you really weren’t writing from the heart and being your very own muse! Again Su’eddie, I believe you! I do! I want to! I do???? LMAO!

        Well, am all for twists and turns and some happy endings too on the side, but in all; its YOUR story, so sell it me! Tell it the way you wanna and I’d love it all the same! Does that sound good to you?! LOL


        1. Of course it will end how IT wants to… I don’t really usually know how my stories will end. Most times even when I plan them, they end up the way they want. When I force it, it comes out just too wrong… or it just stops pouring forth from my brain. Sad about it. Sometimes you begin to wonder if you write the story or if it is the story writing itself … or if your stories are the ones that write you in the end…
          The only thing that I am sure of at the end of the day is that I have to tidy up whatever the story spirits itself to become. Editing and fine tuning come forth then… And at other times, they force themselves to simply end differently again.
          That partly explains why I had no idea of some of those things…
          But to you now, se you write fiction na… How does the writing process work for you?


        2. Chee, thanks Su’eddie; you just succeeded in making my head go into a spin with those ‘explanations’! Wow, some deep stuff that is! And its kinda mystical too, that the story turns around and begins to ‘write’ the writer! That’s sooo scatter-brained but it does make a world of sense in a twisted kinda way! Rich! LOL

          I don’t write fictions for now! I write straight from the heart as my blog name denotes, from personal experiences! Perhaps, I’ll dabble into fiction sometime, that remains to be seen! We’ll see! LOL


        3. We will definitely wait to see… In your case, I can see why you might not want to dabble into fiction… Your non-fiction is as catchy as fiction. Weya o… Don’t waste time… Get to the pen and let’s see you do something with your pen o… Don’t let the ink of your thoughts dry fa o!


        4. Hehehe! I’ll take that as a compliment then! That my writes are ‘cooler’ or ‘doper’ than fiction! Thank you Sir and I’ll try desperately hard to keep and hold on fast to those thoughts that will get my ink flowing by golly! Yes I shall! Dryness of ink’s NOT an option! No way Jose! *smh* LOL


        5. Eh… I didn’t say they are! Hee hee hee! Don’t mind me 🙂

          It isn’t just about declaring ‘This ink shall not dry and adding speaking of tongues’ o! Action… ACTION… ACTION!


        6. Hehehe! Like duh, yes you did say it and I read you loud and clear too! Action speaks louder than words and I shall aspire to get cracking and ACT, once I’m pretty darn good and mighty plain ready! Soon, hopefully! *tsking* LMAO!


        7. Yep! You did too! Deal with it Su’eddie! Hmph! LMAO!

          Moreso, ‘Hopeful’ by Twista, not so sure I know that one! The one I know is that sung by Faith Evans with lyrics along the lines of

          ‘I am hopeful
          Yes I am
          Hopeful for today
          Take this music
          And use it
          It will take you away
          Yes be hopeful, hopeful
          Cause love will find a way
          I know, it aint easy
          But er, its okay
          Yes be hopeful.

          So then, is this the one?! Cause I plain fail to see the connection! *tongue out* ROTFLMAO!


        8. Hee hee hee! I forgive you It is ‘Hope’ as sang by Twista ft Faith Evans. It is the remix I was talking about…

          ‘I am hopeful
          Yes I am
          Hopeful for today
          Take this writing
          And use it
          It will take you way
          Yes I am hopeful, hopeful
          Cause ink will find a way
          I know, it aint easy
          But its okay
          I will be hopeful.



        9. Damn Mama! I just goofed big time, totally lost sight of the fact that, that was a collabo! Its an old tune though but even at that…. Youch! And I think am digging your version Su’eddie! Perhaps a career in songwriting, yes?! *raised eyebrow* Rankadede! I trowey salute Sir! Plenty twale! Wowzers!!!! LMAO!


        10. 🙂 I just listened to ‘Hope’ again… We missed some lines sha… but no biggy. It isn’t Bible that we are quoting, abi? Kosi wahala … Ba komi 🙂

          Well, yes, we will relish all that we can.

          Haba na… Not fair, the blush will make my black too one kain… Not fair o! Gaskiya, no fair!


        11. We missed some lines did we now?! Oops! Well, that’s no mortal sin! Its totally forgivable, am sure! *rme* LOL

          Blush on, who’s hating?! And as regards that discoloration….its temporary! In time, you shall retain your full natural colour! I guarantee! *laughing*


        12. Yaaaaay! Hmmm, I wonder why that doesn’t sound like cheery news… This, your talk of my colour back… Hmmmm….

          Okay o…

          What’s ‘RME’… Na wa o… *Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, they bring one back that you have no idea how to deal with!


        13. Hahahahaha! I just couldn’t resist putting in a final word before jetting off when I saw this comment! RME means ‘Rolling My Eyes Su’eddie! Are we pretty clear now then?! I’ll bet! Do you release me now?! *shaking my head* LMAO!


        14. Ohhhhhh! Hee hee hee! Na wa o! *ScratchingMyGorimapa! Just when I thought I had learnt it all and my younger siblings wouldn’t sell me again… But nooooo, there’s always something new! Chai!



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