4 thoughts on “KONGA: BUSINESSES BEHAVING BADLY – CUSTOMER IS NOT KING (An Angry Note) by Agatha Aduro”

  1. This is exactly what I experienced with Konga. I think they need to change how they are treating customers correctly not to kill with customer service agents who will apologize for all the trouble and assure you that they will take care of your issue; ‘You would be contacted within 24 to 48 hours”. This is very bad.


    1. Ah, quite true o… In this case, they were able to restore some peace as they got the item to Agatha… But that isn’t always the case. I think they need to step up on their whole work ethics and be more customer oriented. Wherever they are, I pray we don’t have to come back online and shout before they answer…


  2. I have gotten into the same mess….can someone kindly ask Konga to stop deceiving people.I made an order in February for two rechargeable fans/lamps on Konga.When my order arrived, they were were not charging and has never worked.I called Konga and they promised to replace it.Up till today even after contacting them several times,nothing has been done. Two weeks back I ordered for a sewing machine and when it arrived I was displeased cos the size was smaller than what was online.I called Konga immediately and was asked to call the supplier.I called d supplier over 20 times but got no response.I have called Konga 7 times and sent mails but nothing has been done.They keep telling me they will get back to me in 48 hours…. This is really bad.I don’t work to get money and then throw it away.If Konga can no longer handle the online business,plsss they should let us know rather than deceiving us.


    1. When we had the issue that Agatha Aduro wrote about up there, we did a serious KONGA Business Behaving Badly trend on Twitter. I can imagine how angered you at them… This is simply not acceptable…. and I think we will send a mail to them again… Do you mind sending them a mail?

      If they don’t respond, we will get to the social media again till they respond to you. Deal?


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