little drops in a desert of need

When you think you have it bad, you discover perhaps that you have been living a most favoured life. Please, read, and if you touched, live by leaving a mark. This is a really thoughtful and touching piece from a deeply talented writer and medical doctor, a lovely lady.
Thank you dear, for writing and sharing. Well done.

agatha's Blog

I had to go to Minna last week Saturday. My friend was having her introduction and she wanted me to be there, for support. I didn’t want to drive, so I made an arrangement to meet up with someone who was driving to Minna. This required taking a bike to his junction, where he would pick me up. The harmattan wind was relentless in its efforts to freeze me. I was wearing a jacket and jeans, but silly me, I was wearing slippers. It sank its teeth in my toes and fingers. When I got to the agreed meeting point, the person wasn’t there yet, so I had to wait a bit. I was standing by the road, facing the junction, there was a mechanic workshop behind me. It was past six a.m., a little dark, a little deserted. I was making some calls, when I looked up and saw…

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