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MercatorNet: #TearsForBaga: the mystery of the missing hashtag

MercatorNet: #TearsForBaga: the mystery of the missing hashtag.

I read this and it got me thinking on a whole lot of things. The way we – even those of us in Nigeria – are thinking deeply about Je suis Charlie and almost doing nothing about Baga… It is near criminal. Is 2000 so insignificant? Compared to… 17? But it isn’t about the number alone really because one life is important. Isn’t our very life just one? What if that one life

was yours?

But think of how the world keeps quiet as thousands die in so called ‘places that don’t matter’… If we are to retain our humanity, we must empathise. We must all, begin to think creatively of standing up, all of us, together. Nigeria might be a million miles away and the values of lives here not so significant in some views but the truth is, somehow, our refusal to show any form of solidarity for inhumanity in some parts and rise all for another just might leave us paying a debt we wish we had never owed.

May the souls of all those who died in Baga, those in Maiduguri, and those being continually slaughtered by terror any – and every – where, rest in peace.

#JeSuisBaga #TearsForBaga

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4 thoughts on “MercatorNet: #TearsForBaga: the mystery of the missing hashtag

  1. truth…nothing but the truth.
    I think we writers should gather together and start writing about this and stir up the heart of the people….words are powerful, let us harness its powers


  2. Dear Doc… Hmmm. Never were truer words reechoed by you 🙂
    It doesn’t matter how little we do but we need to talk… To think that Chibok is still in tears? Now, Baga? The same day we heard of the killings in Damaturu…

    Yes, we have to make our noise. You think you can do some poems? Would love to collect, reblog and perhaps put together… My brother, we dey God hand o… But we go play our part.


  3. To God be the glory. Everything will later be alright, – and so people can prepare for the unexpectable…

    And yes, we should make-out something….. like create a oneness where writers speak in concern of matters that affect us all as a nation, society, continent, and as an individual. We can’t just live in our own world of fantasies: where everything seems as we want it to, while we truly live in the reality; where man has corrupted nature, and didn’t make a voice until when it affects us.

    Sir, lets all come together, don’t we all care?

    **** I’m in.


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