Brittle Paper Launches an African Fantasy Story Series! – and it is FREE to read and ENJOY!


So much excitement as Brittle Paper, premier blog and site for African tales launch a new story series…

The story is one of fantasy and is written by the crazy writer, Eugene Odogwu, who is also a graphic artist (aside: he has done amazing covers, I know this, because he is the official cover artist at SEVHAGE Publishers – a department under my unit. Hola in the comment box if you want us to hook you up on a cool cover… but back to his tale). The new tale series is titled

In The Shadows of Iyanibi, a fantastic tale that is sure to keep you glued to your phones and ipads.



In the Shadow of Iyanibi is a story about a brave and gifted girl named Ihumbi, who is swept up in a series of frightful encounters involving the search for a missing sister in a forest of deep, dark shadows.

The three-part tale follows the confrontation between young Ihumbi and Urunma—a forest-dwelling demigoddess always hungry for the souls of lost children. Urunma is a mother’s worst nightmare and a child’s greatest fear. Preying on a child’s desire for sweet and colorful things, she steals the souls of children lost in the forest and holds them in enchanted captivity.

The story vicariously transports you to the enchanting gloom of an old forest and a brave girl’s attempt to confront the ancient horror that lies deep within its shadows.

In the Shadow of Iyanibi is a richly-imagined and suspenseful tale of bravery and the steadfastness of a sister’s love.

It’s a three-part story, accompanied by custom illustrations, that will run over six weeks.

Monday the 12th of January is the date to save on your calendar so you don’t miss the first story. Yup, it was published and appears here

In a post on the blog, the curator, Ainehi Edoro talks about why they decided to put up the series:

One of the most talked-about projects we launched last year was Ayodele Olofintuade’s Adunni, an original Brittle Paper story series featuring custom images made by NYC-based Nigerian artist, Laolu Sebanjo.

Seeing that we received such positive response from readers, we have been working hard to release more series.

We are happy to announce that three story series have been slated for 2015, the first of which is Eugene Odogwu’s (see more here).

I had cause to work with Eugene on the story and I think it is nice – but that is my opinion. You have the chance to read through and get yours. If you love something African different from the usual Chimamanda Adichies, Su’eddie Agemas (ooops! Did I write that?!), Achebes, amu nnadi’s, Ekwuazis and the like, then this would make for some change.

So, it is back to waiting for January 26th to read the new one… So, meanwhile… Back to writing something regular 🙂


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