We would be here (A Poem of comfort) By Agatha Aduro (for Sephaa Charles-Ayede) and For the Living, we cry at death ( a poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

For Sephaa

In an instant, the gourd was smashed
Broken into irretrievable infinitesimal pieces
Your world rocked on its axis
Your steps faltered
Wobbled for that tiniest fraction of eternity
For what is time? But a fraction of eternity
And when I, I thought indeed
This load should seem a crippling weight
Time passed. And as I watched
Your shoulders straightened
Your spine stiffened
Before my eyes, you morphed
Spirit of your forbears. Not just the nose

And when that day comes
If that day should ever come
We would be right here
To take a load off
To wash your weary feet
Lave your soul in soothing balm
Without a doubt, we would be here…

FOR THE LIVING, WE CRY AT DEATH (A Poem by Su’eddie Vershima Agema) for Sephaa Charles-Ayede

when the breath of our loves fizzle to mother air
we cry not for the dead-
but the living.

we let life fly by
noting at the terminal that
a demise marks a death –

of a part of us
our history lost in one silent blip
of a departure that shared our entire worth

but even when time closes the door of one soul’s presence
the essence of others shine on
maybe, then we should glory in the sun, hoping in the Son…

smile and note, Dear, that there would always be
us here and others…crying in your tears, laughing in your smile
and loving you every single while.



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