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Closure (Flash Fiction) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema


I felt my heart stop. There was darkness. Complete darkness. Then like a fluid transition, a different darkness. A mosquito stole its pint. I didn’t swap at it. I heaved in relief. I was no longer asleep.
I was drenched in sweat. I opened my eyes to darkness, one that seemed to devour everywhere like a glutton. I felt for my flashlight that always lay under my pillow. I found it and soon its rays filled the room. I got to my shelf and picked Ada Agada’s The Anxious Life. I tried to read but concentration had gone with my sleep and that dream. I struggled through a few lines but couldn’t go on. This wasn’t the book to read at this time. I tried to remember what the dream had been about. It eluded me as most things would when you need them most. I dropped the novel beside me, the flashlight still on. I picked my phone to call my sister, Augusta. She was in school at the university some three hours away. No, she would be sleeping now. I better not disturb her sleep and give her a fright. I dropped the phone beside me. I counted sheep to catch sleep. I must have counted a thousand when slumber’s warm embrace stole me once more. Before complete closure, I heard the distinct sound of an owl’s hoot.



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