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THOUGHTS ON KARL MAIER’S THIS HOUSE HAS FALLEN: Nigeria in Crisis by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

My thoughts on Karl Maier’s book of history… THIS HOUSE HAS FALLEN: Nigeria in Crisis.

Sevhage Reviews

Is there a side to the Nigerian story you want to explore? Some misunderstanding to its history? Oh, you need quotes, notes and anecdotes from some Nigerian greats – leaders, writers or famous people. Okay, you are right at home with This House has fallen: Nigeria in crisis. Even if you need little detailsthis house has fallen on some crises such as the Tiv/Jukun crises, the Odi rampage… yes, it’s all here.

This House has fallen captures pre-independence, independence, and post-independence Nigeria right up to the year 2000 – its year of publication. The book is introduced by a Preface and ends in a fitting conclusive Epilogue. In between, there are ten distinct unique standing yet interrelated chapters each with a title to express its contents. Well, most of the times. The titles are not so bare in some situations and it takes going through such chapters to know what it covers. The…

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