TALES ONE SHOULDN’T TELL OFTEN (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(Inspired by H., poet and friend)

There is this tale men bear
that boys never hear
It really should be told
everyone old
enough to have learnt
the pleasure not usually taught
for which many of our souls in hell rot

An old friend told
of how the Creator
found perfection in made man
then angered somewhat
thought of a hex
and blessed man with sex
a thirsting urge of a tiny seed
without a definite quench indeed.

HE smiled back heavenwards
the hunger and thirst sucking man downwards
to find quench in the dipping drink of the pleasured well
of v’s heavenly hell
Urges to be heard
monsters to be fed
The rod
takes the place of our Lord

Oh boy, this is one grim tale as it goes
But it’s evident in the many things that show.
This is a tale you would never hear me tell my child
no matter how beguiled.’
At the tale’s end, he smiled
Strained as the thirst sucked him to the core
the burden aging him somewhat sore.
He roamed till found pleasure released him once more.




(From Bring our casket home: tales one shouldn’t tell. Makurdi: SEVHAGE, 2012)



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