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FLEETING (SHORT FICTION) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

Sometimes one forgets the exact feel of a certain touch, sometimes even the depth of an embrace. Several casual or less hearted hugs had made him forget what she felt like. He stretched half of himself to get the ‘Christian’ hug he had decidedly started getting in place of the full ones. There wasn’t much heart to it but as they connected, the slight touch of his arms going around her, the softness of her bosom as her hug went beyond Christian, he shuddered a bit as something stirred. A million memories came in the second. The ladies he had only just excused himself from looked and whispered something. He wondered what it was they were saying.

‘I haven’t seen that shirt before’ he heard himself say as he realised he was staring at her chest.

‘I think it is too bright. Maybe they allowed it stay less than it should have in the dye pond.’

He looked into her eyes, then, looked away.

‘I have to get to the bank’ she said, a twinkle to her eyes.

He flinched at the word. It reminded him of too many things.

He didn’t wait to see her disappear like he had always loved to. He didn’t need his eyes’ perspective to remind him that she had gone out of his reach. Life. He looked at his watch. He remembered his mounting bills, the face of the frowning Doctor who was waiting for his father’s fees.

He sighed, said a quick prayer and went back to work, hoping his boss hadn’t missed him much.



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