REMEMBER (A Poem) by Musa Idris Okpanachi

Where memory is pain
I am a sadist
Where it is a harvest
I reap
Remember me
For occupying this corner
Of the world
Wear my memory
In your heart
Like a birthmark
Keep my image
Like a tulip
Before your eyes
Leave my cracked
Earth unmarked
My footprints uncovered
Take my sculpture
From the museum of time
Let’s go our ways
Farewell unspoken
Don’t loiter
Look back and close the gate.

From Eaters of the Living (Ibadan: Kraftgriots, 2009)




Multiple award-winning poet and scholar, Dr. Musa Idris Okpanachi teaches at the Federal University, Dutse, Jigawa State, Nigeria. He has two published collections of poetry, Eaters of the Living and From the margins of Paradise.



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

10 thoughts on “REMEMBER (A Poem) by Musa Idris Okpanachi

  1. Like a subtle Viaticum this is only it paints a portrait of love gone sour still leaving a trial of “Maybe things might get back to normal” because one of them has to go leaving the other but with that others memory in the heart “like a birthmark” and that will be the basis for judgment, where analysis of past events will come to play and probably rekindle the embers of love, see:

    “Don’t loiter
    Look back and close the gate.”

    One lover has hope of things coming back to normalcy but he knots himself tight with courage and walks away because hearts are often broken when some words are spoken.
    i could go on and on about this piece but know this that the imagery here is potent and this poem is sublime.
    Dr. Musa Idris Okpnachi is a maestro, a subtle scout that could with his words take you round your emotions and sight that you never knew you had. He is many voices stashed in one airbag – you might feel like oh he is an angry poet especially when you read the contents of “The Eaters of The Living” oh that book has venom spread around it but he Dr. Okpanachi, knows love like no other but like i said to him once: “You have the tablets of the metaphysical engraved on your tongue which is why you prefer to keep mute and engage tiger and groundnuts in a battle with teeth because if you should speak not every mortal can decipher your meaning” ha-ha! it is true, his words are spiritual and can instigate or disarm an army armed to the teeth.
    I am proud to know this great man.


    1. It sure is great to know him… His poems are deep and you find a passionate man behind each line. The power of poetry. Thanks for commenting Sam-Richards…


  2. Dats My Mentor, May Allah give you long life so that you can keep up with the good work, Kudos Sir!


  3. like a psalmist he sings,like a scribe he write the diary of one soul dwelling in two bodies,like a bird he makes me without wimgs fly,like a mystery he makes me to discover the myth,like a Romeo he makes me want to share the … I leave the rest in the hands of time to unearth,unravel and make crystal of the JOURNEY !


  4. Dr Okpanachi is espoused to a tenet that favours divorce between unequal partners, particularly the married. I think the poem is a reenactment of what goes on between a couple. It could be a couple that is blessed with children; the departing partner should remember, look back to see what is between them, but should close back the door after all that. Dr Okpanachi is my professor and one of my mentors; we all passed through the tutelage of the gentle Prof Attah of the English department, University of Maiduguri.


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