Hey! Hello. How are you doing? Hope things are great with you. Me? Could have been worse… There’s some joy to having a Doctor around.


There’s been a lot going and I had to just wonder what’s happening. Naturally, I keep wondering where my creativity is hiding. The ideas are there but they just seem to find a way to stop short at that spot between the sometimes long road from the head to the brain. Well, even if I am not doing much writing, that doesn’t mean that I should not be doing something else, right? After all, I am meant to be looking for new ideas to ensure that SEVHAGE Literary and Development Initiative keeps promoting literature around. I need to find ideas to put the SEVHAGE imprint to get more clients to publish with us. All these plus keeping touch, finding new poets, writers, et al, connecting them to ensure literature wears a prettier face. Oh! Did I mention the Aondo aspect? Oh! (Yup, that’s Tiv for the Almighty by the way)…

Too much talk. Sorry.

Well, we just came up with this new blog, SEVHAGE Reviews. The idea is to get quality contemporary – not always – writings and writers to feature there: Interviews, Reviews and Literary Views. For the first month, we are thinking African literati but don’t mind, it is but for the first month, and I mentioned, the space is open to even Hemingway and Mozart  – if we can do that for them, why wouldn’t you get a chance?

I’m set to meet new people, make new friends, get to explore new books, and create that link between them and readers. I don’t know what traffic would be like but we hope to see how we can meet up with everyone from anywhere who can send us a mail at or directly to my e-mail at In essence, would you want your book, piece or so featured? It might not make it to that blog, but c’mon, I can put it here and do the same spreading.

Members of the SEVHAGE Reviews coordinating Team include Debbie Iorliam and Sewuese Leah Anyo. There are contributors and a few others who I wouldn’t mention just yet. We hope to bring you as much entertainment and views as possible. We would see how we would bring the human face of most writers to light to.

For a first, we are celebrating a few Nigerian writers whose works are exceptional but are not given the kind of attention they deserve. Come to the site to find engaging stories of both writers and writings… Plus profiles. Well, let me not steal it all out away.

Again, too much talk. Sorry.


(Now, back to reading I do not come to you by chance by Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani or elusive sleep finding me or creativity catching my brain…)



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. The long road from the head to the brain Su’ ?lol..methinks we all find ourselves on this road every once in a while. You’ll navigate out soon, hand in there buddy.
    Now to this new thing you’ve come up with, I think it’s brilliant! Definitely looking forward to seeing and reading and being a part of.
    Especially like the extension to Mozart and who again? well you get what I mean, the broader your horizon, the better I say .
    You know what to do to keep the doctor away…Aondo’s given you the head to reason bro, use it. LOL.
    Big lol…..


    1. Hee hee hee! Hey! The Mozart part was for fun oooo… Before you get to ask me someday why I didn’t put up a musical piece… 🙂
      Let’s see how it goes. We would get there, one teeny step at a time. We would. Yaaaay!


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