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FAITH (ROUND CIRCLES) – Scribbles by Su’eddie Vershima Agema


Faith… One song playing all through his heart
Faith… One voice holding him through the time
Faith… and he heard their voices:

             Oh yes, there can be miracles
              When you believe
                 Though hope is frail
                    Its hard to kill

                  Who knows what miracle
                You can achieve
           When you believe
       Somehow you will

You will when you believe


Faith… He believed.
It wasn’t all he hoped for. It was more.
Because he believed.
In the end, he achieved.





 Italicized song ‘When you believe’ by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey (Soundtrack for  Prince of Egypt)






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6 thoughts on “FAITH (ROUND CIRCLES) – Scribbles by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. Faith one song,one voice!
    Hope is hope, Faith takes it a little further huh? I think a time comes after all said and done and the realization sets in; the heart chooses which best serves it.
    It’s a most difficult victim to defend and it falters every so often, but it certainly holds true to many a heart that has seen and searched from highs and lows: Finally concluding from it’s depth with a resounding YES, that gut feelings will have to do.

    I feel every word and line of this one Su’ and as a faltering victim, I stand back to recall times past when heart did not fail me, Faith saved me.


    1. I might have to do another post where I fuse this part and the entirety of the first. It syncs so well… This got to me and I can’t even say how… and to what dimension…
      We feel each the words together sis. May faith keep us all. Amen…. but kai, true talk, it is heart. let faith keep us.


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