CALL FOR ENTRIES: The Tom-Gallon Trust Award (DEADLINE 31 OCTOBER 2013)

The Tom-Gallon Trust Award
Annual prize of £1,000 for a short story

Deadline for entries: 31 October 2013

(i) The author must be a citizen of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth or the Republic of Ireland.
(ii) The author must have had at least one short story published or accepted for publication.
(iii) The story submitted must be in English and must not be a translation.
(iv) The story submitted may be published or unpublished.

Please complete this form and submit it with:

  • One (and only one) short story (maximum length 5,000 words), published or unpublished and typed in
  • double line spacing, with your name stated on the first page;
  • A list of your previously published work including the publisher and date of publication;
  • If you would like an acknowledgement, the return of your story, and/or to be notified of the winner
  • please provide stamped addressed envelopes marked accordingly.


PLEASE NOTE that entries submitted by fax or email will NOT be accepted.

Send to: Paula Johnson, Awards Secretary, Society of Authors, 84 Drayton Gardens, London SW10 9SB.


Download the 2014 form here





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