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YOU (A Poem) by Agatha Aduro

(For S’…)


Make me dream
Of castles in the air
Give me faith in
Forever and a Day
I measure time by
Endless moments between each
Successive thrill uncurling
Deep within my belly
Every time you are announced
By my phone’s welcome trill
Interrupting endless visions
Of ‘Mini-Yousand Mes too
Running through my mind
As the day is long
And when night throws her cloak
Enveloping me in bittersweet
Cocoon of longing
Every breath a sigh
A whispered prayer to keep you safe
While I wonder
Somewhere beneath the stars
Under this African sky
Our breaths seek out each other
And intertwine in love.

Dubové (Slovakia)
Dubové (Slovakia)







Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

2 thoughts on “YOU (A Poem) by Agatha Aduro

  1. wat words u gaderin…integratd by 1 so witty…… of love and honeyd glances…sweepin tru as visions so flashey…….sowi me dnt no whu diz geek is..wud luv 2 no who sent wordz f solemn nd sweet peace. .


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