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Poetry and its Importance

Grab a hanky…. a nice piece here on our beloved poetry. Viva poetry!

Adjectival Literature

The true shame in a time like our own is how little emphasis is placed on the little things. Though I may be biased in its favor, poetry is given little to no attention in common society. Surprising, given how many people throughout history participate in its creation. Just as there are innumerable amounts of books, there is even more poems. A lifetime or more could be spent reading poems. But in our world, right now, only a few select people would be mentioned. Poets such as Edgar Allan Poe, Shakespeare, maybe J.R.R. Tolkein, perhaps an Emily Dickinson, or Robert Frost. All great poets in their own right, but that’s only five poets. Upon looking up the list of poets on the Poetry Foundation website, there were 2.982 poets in the list. Most people could only name a small few.

But why is poetry so ignored? Books, magazines, and all…

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