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You heard it here first – I hope. Well, it might be a reminder… Cordite Books (an imprint of the Lagos based Paressia Publishers) is calling for African Crime Novel to be edited under a new series by none other than Commonwealth and Caine Prize winning bestselling author, Helon Habila. Now, the catch is there are prizes…. Wait for it!!

1st Prize: $1000 and a publishing deal with Cordite books!

2nd Prize: $250 (and our publishing house, SEVHAGE might consider publishing you! 😉 Hee hee hee)

3rd Prize: $200

4th and 5th: Honourable mention…

All these are plus the eye of the world with recogntion that would come from your mention … It might open vistas unimagined. Okay, the criteria?


  • African is defined as a citizen of the 53 countries in the continent of Africa and adjoining island, including descendants of such citizens who hold valid African passports.
  • Authors must be resident in an African country and be ready to schedule readings across the continent if successful.
  • Electronic copies of manuscripts are to be formatted as set out below and uploaded in the adjacent form
    • Times New Roman, 13 points, Double spacing.
    • Microsoft Office Word and compatible formats [e.g. Open Office]
    • Documents should be named “Cordite Submission – Authors Name – Manuscript Title” eg “Cordite Submission – Ian Fleming – Octopussy.doc”. Synopsis documents should be named in the format “Cordite Synopsis – Authors Name – Manuscript Title”.
  • Detailed contact details including previous publication and experience should form the first page of the manuscript uploaded.
  • A detailed Synopsis of the manuscript, under 750 words, should be attached at the time of submissions using the appropriate upload button found on the right of the Cordite website!


For real?
For real?

This is as legit as possible and if you think it is a scam, write an African novel about the crime… It just might get you an award – if you try!

Pow! Pow! Pow! … and I am out!

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