LOVE’S STING (an experiment in lines) by Sewuese Leah Anyo

those twinkles and heartrobs
those sweet, glowing nights
you spent dreaming and smiling
those tireless moments you spent
thinking of nobody else
those daring moves that shocked you
those careless, nervous chatters
and that funny feeling you got
thinking you were swimming in an ocean
with conspicuously winged butterflies all over you

yet you watched in disdain
as each day, the distance grew wider
one day, everything BOMBED UP
everything streamed away
like rain on a duck’s back

Now torn, no, now grown
you descend heavily on sanity
for letting you so carelessly
showcase your soul like jewelry

thank God the lights are on
no bumping your head
against a dark roomed wall
thank God, you feel you are okay

but… the pain still grows




Sewuese Leah Anyo, is a final year student of English at the Benue State University, Makurdi. She is the President of the university’s Writers’ League.


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

2 thoughts on “LOVE’S STING (an experiment in lines) by Sewuese Leah Anyo

  1. “now grown”
    Yeah…growth throws a better light to an otherwise doomed situation. In the new growth one realizes that the crime is not in loving someone,but in not loving yourself enough 🙂
    Love goes on regardless of pain or distance, the trick is to know when to let go and let life take charge.


    1. Learning the trick is always the problem… and there’s that slight thing about love – it never really dies, true love never does. Maybe sometimes it is best to just run perhaps? We might bury these things but do they remain there forever? We can learn new habits, learn to ignore but in true love, the one that steals the heart in all totality, can we just drown those feelings – if we can call love that…? Hmm…


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