GOD BLESS ON ANOTHER DAY (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

(for you, nwa nnem, on another day)

Aôndo, wherever it is, that she would stay
may she find ease, is what we pray
may the stars smile
time grin all the while
to make twinkles
of her wrinkles
to cause an ease of every disease
a release to make every anguish freeze

She, my sister on this day
Chukwu – Lord, please bless, I pray
let beauty within and without
go with from North to South
on her several journeys
across life’s numerous tourneys…
your peace her traveling bag
your grace her every step tag

Nwa Nnem, The sun would shine for you
not to burn but give a due
not of your worth if it be wrong
but of blessings far long
than the cloak of your years
The times would heal your fears
the cock crow
to a beauty we know…

Let the moment smile
let it conquer everything vile

The sun would smile
and you, would be blessed all the while.


*Aôndo, Chukwu: The supreme being
*Nwa nnem: Child of my mother
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8 thoughts on “GOD BLESS ON ANOTHER DAY (A Poem) by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

  1. I will begin with Amen! I borrow these lines and dedicate to my wonderful mama whose long stay on this earth of ours has left quite some wrinkles and swollen joints. We still rejoice in Chukwu because each day he bears all pains for her.
    Then Another Amen for myself,for indeed these words cover inches of many areas of my world and life and your lines emit a beautiful glow of warmth and assurance of brighter days ahead.

    That’s what I choose, so there! Nice one Su’.


  2. This is so sweet, Su’…the poem and the thought behind it.
    So I add my Amen! to Dotta’s.
    May your prayer be returned to you in ten-folds. Aöndo’s angels would tag your step every minute of every day.
    Chukwu gozie gi, nwanne’m.
    Cheers! $ß.


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