INNER PEACE (A Performance Poem) by Ode Attah

Do you believe in ignorance is bliss?
Do you believe after the war there will be peace?
How about the everlasting effects of its devastation
and all the guns in circulation?

I may not know it all but knowledge is not always education
How can it be when I have learnt more outside the classroom
The truth be say I dey try my best to know as e dey be
because what I don’t know might just be the end of me

How can ignorance be bliss
when I what I seek is inner peace?
A favor for a favor till the end because vanity is vanity till eternity…
Ignorance makes an empty mind echo like an ancient cementary
only knowledge can leave me satisfied in the wake of reality
Ignorance only leads to serendipity
So, I seek knowledge that goes beyond the realms of any pocket
because my thoughts soar above the units of any rocket

You see a lie can cover itself with a thousand clothes
but the truth keeps running around nude even in the cold.
I may ignore your lies but that don’t mean they don’t hurt me
It’s because I know a bit of the truth and that is what comforts me

Ignorance can never be my bliss
because what I seek goes beyond this
What I seek goes beyond what you see
what I seek is inner peace…



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