Far too long (The Silence Lingers) – A poem by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

17 thoughts on “Far too long (The Silence Lingers) – A poem by Su’eddie Vershima Agema”

  1. Nice one, Su’… It conveys its meaning simply. Well done.

    This strikes a chord, because every now and then, one feels lonely even amidst friends and family. Loneliness; a feeling that eats one up from within.

    For You,

    If for some reason you lose touch,
    all your reasons are silly and such.

    When you begin to note how the silence lingers,
    You only need move one or two fingers

    If the elasticity of love and friendship stretches longer,
    It comes right back, if you let it. Ain’t that a wonder?

    If the thought of fondness no longer gladdens,
    plant in the new like you would in a garden.

    Whatever you think it is;

    Just remember that some friendships are worth holding onto like a drowning seafarer on a floating log in the hopes of washing ashore.

    Cheers! $ß.


    1. Bubbllinna, you know the chords to this song and I pray that grace finds you all the way, not just now but always. Thanks for the words and the poem. It means much. Grab my hand sis. Cheers!


  2. Through it all I lost your touch…This is so sad, to loose that touch even when close. Its like Bubb said, even in a room full of life yet there is silence in the heart.

    When it gets to the part when the thought of fondness no longer gladdens, then there’s misery because you can’t quite grasp how or what got you there.

    Through this you miss them much…the awakening is always there…it lingers and the heart longs once more.

    This sheer romantic misery, I would hate to be this guy/gal lol…

    Then it could just be two like hearts suddenly lost their way huh?


    1. D.R, something about this that we talked on. I would like to ask the persona the questions you raised and maybe I would… For now, eh, let’s just allow it fly 🙂
      Thank you!


  3. You’re a genius with the pen, the keyboard and even your mind. You know me I don’t like long things. This is just apt.

    Very well done Su. Very well done.


    1. Taking a bow…
      I am humbled, Sir. We give all the glory to Aondo. He is the one who does it. We are really just the pen of His thoughts inking on and on. Merci!


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