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THE MESH (A Poem) by Kwesi Brew

We have come to the Cross-roads
And I must either leave or come with you.
I lingered over the Choice
But in the darkness of my doubts
You lifted the lamp of  love
And I saw in your face
The road that i should take.
Kwesi Brew (1928-2007) is one of Ghana’s foremost poems. His style of poetry writing is largely simple with deep undertones.


Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...

17 thoughts on “THE MESH (A Poem) by Kwesi Brew

    1. Hmmmm, Abubakar… Did you get to use it to teach your Senior class? I think it is a really great idea to have them learn this one. It is on the curriculum in several places. Any way you think I can give an idea on it too? 🙂

      This is one poem that I wish I had been introduced to a long time back. How much poetry do you teach your students?


      1. Learnt this poem in secondary school. I remember every word vividly. I remember getting an award for my interpretation of it and went on to represent my school.that was over 26 odd years ago!!

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        1. 26 odd… Haha! The joy of youth and ‘those days’ 🙂
          An lovely poem that says so much in little. Great.
          We studied it in secondary school too for JAMB or something.


    1. Hi Chigirl… You can find a metaphor in almost every line of this poem… Matter of fact, don’t you think that the entire piece is a metaphor for love and relationships – or marriage, if you want (?)

      However, methinks the easiest metaphor to see here is the lamp of love… There’s a comparison: lamp and love without ‘is’ or ‘as’… Cool?


  1. 1 what is the theme in this poem?
    2 <we have come to the cross-road means what?
    3 what is the implication of
    4 explain the essence of the poem in its application to practical life situation

    please someone should help me out with the answers


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