Wordsmiths in Nigeria: Relics of a lost age? by Chika Nwakama

4 thoughts on “Wordsmiths in Nigeria: Relics of a lost age? by Chika Nwakama”

  1. This is a global pandemic, sadly enough, to the point where in some countries a degree in English is classified as the most useless degree to obtain from university – a point I find absolutely ridiculous. As someone who already has a degree in Mathematical Sciences as well, I don’t see the advantage in classifying degrees in order of use. People forget that we need to chase our own dreams no matter what. The only thing I have taken from that degree is my analytical skills… that’s it.

    As for the decline in literature or the decline in reading, these are difficult times indeed but the human soul cannot survive without art and entertainment. It is only a question of time before cultures around the world rediscover the beauty and importance of that which they shun today as useless and a ‘waste of time’. But how long do we have to wait?

    In the meantime, to all the writers out there: write, write and write… just make it as good as possible. It is only because you are passionate about your writing that it will mean something one day. Your time will come.


    1. Wow! Now I haven’t read ‘music’ in a while 🙂
      Sometimes it comes to us as simply a particular problem. I probably should highlight this comment of yours… You know there’s lots of inspiration to what you’ve put here… Someday perhaps far better would come but the question as you have aptly asked is ‘When?’ Two hundred years to come?

      Pen picked… Keyboard in check. Inky thoughts. Back to the writing board.
      PS: You do have a degree in Mathematical Science? Wow! Never would have guessed! Oh well… You have the chance to talk through both sides of the mouth now at least 🙂


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