IN YOUR HONOUR (A Poem) by Okwy Obu


the lord’s day

the smell of rain
from ricardo’s jos
tingles our nostrils

no moisture in sight

the sun shines on
there is dust
today just as before

the a.c. is mute

we make do
with bread and zobo
curse chinenye

gone with her magic

the hours drag past
we fish for info
with bayo’s transistor

skins sweat-soaked

in far-away mali
leads his kaffir army

on a sad grail-quest

he seeks to prove
to angela and others
his hard-cock-ness

he snuffs out candles

mama timbuktu
is made to face pummels
from iconoclasts

worse than qaeda rats

we see this protest
but are cursed
and branded traitors

by the gullible

forgive me friend
for today i cannot pen
a befitting poem

to mark your birthday


2 thoughts on “IN YOUR HONOUR (A Poem) by Okwy Obu

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