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He was a fiercely ambitious youngman, intent on making loads of money and breaking free from the tenacious clutch of want. He resented his papa, who was too contented for his liking, but his mama was his heroin; she was the antithesis of her husband.
Shana did nothing in life without stopping to consider whether or not it was a lucrative venture. His mama was from Eastern Nigeria, so his dogged quest for the bills wasn’t considered the least bit unusual. Shana could do anything for money except swindling, stealing and killing and that was because he was always careful not to allow his desire for money degenerate into avarice.
The youth corps member was a keen mind, smart, enterprising and perhaps cunning and handsome too. He appeared even more handsome in his slinky dark suit -which perfectly molded his well-built frame- as he waited in the marriage registry on…

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