1. Su’ your words are deep and true. I can relate with everything you say. It has always been my belief that you can’ separate a writer from his work. What and how we write has a deeper reflection on who we are.

    Some of us live through our writing, some hide ourselves in it, but many refuse to acknowledge that they are what they write.


    1. Very true that… very true. Still, there are those few people who hide behind their works…those who write one thing and are different. Oh well, I think they are in the minority. So much more to us and our writings, yeah? Hmm…
      Nice of you to reblog! Thanks.


  2. “Writing that was overtly easy to me became harder.”

    As that evolution of writing becoming harder happened to me, I realized that I rarely had trouble saying what I meant, The trouble I had was saying it well. I became concerned with matters such as: Is it readable? Is it enjoyable? Is it too long? (To which the answer was always yes.)

    It is an honor to see my post mentioned here. Thank you.


    1. ‘Writers Do It in Words’ read like a poem. I enjoyed reading it though it seems it really wasn’t an article in itself but a reaction. Some writers sure have a way of making writing seem like the best thing… Yup, that post sure did – and I mean it.
      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment Dennis. Thanks!


    1. Well, coming from the WordPresser of Ramblings ( 🙂 ), I am not too surprised! Hee hee hee. Thanks Kaycee.


    2. A friend once told me that writers have the personality of alley cats. Yes, they are never loyal to a singular subject or issue. Yes ,many develop a style or pattern easily identifiable to them, hence their fan base is developed so to speak.

      Then there are those who shape shift to what inspires for the moment. We have personalities which defy specifics and I personally believe that the end game is the finished work.

      A writer is not necessarily his work as regards to persona and beliefs because we have the gender issues where pseudonyms come into the equation. I do relate to the overtly easy suddenly become harder as a writer evolves….you become your owns worst critic and enemy so to speak lol.

      Another thought provoking piece Su’ and yes; writers live on.


      1. We do, don’t we? Was thinking the whole gender aspect and also, going into the skin of others’ aspect…Was thinking it all through up to the moment when your comment appeared. Now, that is a whole new dimension to it. Come to think of it, some writers actually write in direct opposite of what they think or stand for in reality. No matter how they do it – which is what I argue, whether they go into different skins or so – they still show their depth. Have a chat with them on that which they have covered and you would be amazed. Many times I have been.
        Hmm…the writers’ depth. Wow!
        Let’s live…


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