A Citation of Unoma Nguemo Azuah by Su’eddie Vershima Agema

6 thoughts on “A Citation of Unoma Nguemo Azuah by Su’eddie Vershima Agema”

  1. Unoma has always been a compulsive writer. Her secret is really keeping at what you love to do no matter what anyone thinks about it. I recall the English Association Writers Board at UNN where on a daily basis, she will have a poem stuck on it and myself and Chris Udechukwu, Ogochukwu Soludo and a few other lovers of writing would sigh and chide in a friendly way – our little Unoma again. And she never let up – every other day she will come up to me or Chris and shove a poem into our hands, “Sam, Chris, pls review this”. Now see what she has become. This is the lesson of life and how success is indeed self made. I wish her luck. She deserves it


    1. Wow! That really is nice to add… If I had seen this afore hand I sure would have looked for you to get some information!
      Thanks for dropping by here as in other areas… It is greatly appreciated Sir.


    2. Sam! Your comment has brought tears to my eyes because it took me down to memory lane. You guys were my family at UNN and I look back to those “rich” days with gratitude. Thank you all so much for encouraging me with your “chides” which to me is the greatest in love. Pls, don’t disappear again. Lol!!!!


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