The Naija Stories community is calling on its members and the general public to contibute to an anthology to commemorate the death, Sunday 3rd of June, of 153 passengers and crew of Dana Airlines Flight 9J-992 from Abuja to Lagos and about 10 residents of the houses the plane crashed into.

We want to see the writers among us take this tragedy and turn it into something that we can all connect with. Stories and Poetry have proved to be healing outlets as communities attempt to make sense of trauma. In whatever form we choose to write, we can deal with our emotions, report on how we can do better next time or even give life back to the dead by telling their stories.

We are calling for an mixed anthology that will commemorate Dana Airlines Flight 9J-992 from Abuja to Lagos, Sunday June 3, 2012. Send in Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Poetry from now till the end of June to

You can also register and post your entries directly to the site. Selected Stories will be published in an anthology by the end of July 2012. While we will consider selling the anthology and donating the proceeds to Charity, for now we envision putting it up on this site and others for free downloads.

Our hope is that story will help us as a country to deal with this. This will not be a collection of gruesome reports or stories but a celebration of life. Life is Precious. Stories are Forever.

Let us not forget.

Crew boards the plane to prepare for the flight.

An expectant Meimuna Anyene and her kids. All died in the crash including her husband, mother-in-law and 2 cousins.

One of the air hostesses

The scene of the crash at Iju.



Some all-rounded writer with the wits to turn anything and everything to words with inspiration... cheering to glory and on...


  1. 1. Air-collapse

    In the blinking of an eye
    their lifelong desires,
    destinations and endeavours
    reduced to fearful fire, spiraling smoke,
    abysmal debris and flesh in fission,
    making them appalling mechanical mixture.

    From most blessed and bliss lot,
    they witnessed themselves
    showcase of junk-house, annihilation
    and self-carved catastrophe,
    accruing and multiplying existing number
    of orphan, weak and dispossessed.

    Some of them left
    no trace of their ancestry and posterity
    who could be empathized in this hour
    of fatality, sadness and grief .
    Rest of them turned their kith and kin
    shocked, depressed and worried.

    The tragedy testimonial of the truth:
    None has control over death and doom.
    Let them be prince and pauper,
    they get grinded, slashed and slain
    equally and evenly by almighty’s chopper.

    Such incidents make mockery
    of discovery, innovation and invention where
    an aircraft remains no less than a flying bomb.
    All over in one oblivion and explosion
    and man turned no more than a tomb.

    Such disasters justify the conviction:
    Death is predetermined,
    it has no enemy, no friend;
    when, how, where and why
    it makes one its own prey,
    mentioned in none of the zodiac signs.

    2. Brittleness

    Hey man,
    you are on board of the fate,
    sketched by visible to none
    but acknowledged by everyone.
    Tragedy of the ill-fated flight
    is only an excuse of your exit.

    Certainly taking-off is in your hands
    as at your disposal wrestling power
    and fleeting materialism and money
    but safe survival is always on hazard
    for the reasons known to none.

    Though you are belted
    but your landing can be bolt from blue
    where you will be able to fathom
    the force featuring your future
    and will be left with no clue.

    The taking off the life is circuitous
    and every co-ordinate and tangent
    of its trajectory is teeming with
    timorous tragedies, trials and troubles
    as if you were treading the track
    interspersed with rocks and pebbles.

    Dr. Vivekanand Jha is a translator, editor and award winning poet from India. He is Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering, Certificate in Computer Hardware and Networking, MA and Ph. D in English. He is a contributing poet to Wavelengths – 2011 Savant Anthology of Poetry (USA) which has won first place in the 2011 London Book Festival. He has been Poetry Contest Winner-Third Place Winner for the poem “Hands Heave to Harm and Hamper” conducted by Beginners®, a documentary, graphic, nonfiction book series (USA). His poem, “Song of Woes” was featured in the 10 Selected Poems for Performance & 10 Selected Poems for Award in 2nd Korea-Nigeria Poetry Feast on 21st March 2012 organized by the Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria. He is the author of five books of poetry. He has also edited two critical anthologies on Indian English Novels. His works have been published in more than seventy five magazines round the world. Besides his poems have been chosen and published in more than fifteen poetry anthologies. He has more than twenty research and critical articles published in various national and international anthologies and referred journals. He is son of noted professor, poet and award winning translator Dr. Rajanand Jha (Crowned with Sahitya Akademi Award, New Delhi).


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