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There was a crash yesterday. An air crash.

It happened yesterday and has remained with me. It was the Dana Airliner that crashed in Lagos.

It feels so sad.

I would confess: Immediately, I heard of it and could access the manifest, I went through for any familiar name. There was none personal. Did I sigh in relief? No. I felt worse. There were certain families together. Several of them were in twos. One particular group hit me – Anyene. Six Anyenes in that crash – blazing to eternity. Mother and children. Wait! There was more? Heard it was Father, Mother, children and a mother-in-law. Christ! Aôndo! Then, I went to Facebook and saw several tributes from my friends and relations to people they knew – acquaintances and friends on that flight. Most mentioned Ojukwu Alvana, a young lawyer going to Lagos. From all the comments, she was someone deeply respected, loved and hoped for. There were also some prominent people on that crash too… a Professor, the journalist Ngozi of the Nation, some military officers… Hmm. But does it matter – prominent or not, several lives were lost. All through the morning, I felt really down.

Now, I posted a comment to commiserate with the families and to show my mourning. Sadly, several people clicked ‘Like’ on the Facebook post. I also noticed that a lot of people were ‘Like’ing similar posts across Facebook. Does this mean that they like that we are mourning? Do they like that these people died? Perhaps, some people should learn that if you have nothing to say, write or comment, don’t do anything. Particularly, don’t click anything particularly ‘Like’. Read and pass. No one would sue you. Sometimes, silence shows more mourning and agreement with same. Now, I had a few people arguing that the ‘Like’ might indicate that the people liked the ‘idea’ I expressed or something or the like… They are in sync with whatever is being expressed. C’mon! It sure wouldn’t appear like that to the grievers… anyone seeing such. More, forget the social media thing and apply it to reality. If someone is sorrowing or grieving, would you take a smile (what the ‘Like’ button indicates) or go like ‘Hmm, I like what you are going through’ … ‘I like…’ Shhish! But I deviate and move away from my thoughts. *Sigh.

Hmm. Now, I am racking through my thoughts – from where I was before and now, going forth. Thinking deep about all that has happened. Indications are coming that the flight could was somewhat intentional with the airline allowing a faulty plane to fly. Other indications too that the passengers could have been saved if rescue had come in time. Haba! Late, it is too late to think of saving the late. Sad. To think that, another crash occurred (in Ghana?) My brother, Myles Ijabo asked ‘What is happening to our country?’ I sighed. What is happening to the world?  – I thought to myself.

Hopefully, Aôndo would give us grace to live safer lives. May He give the families (by blood and friendship) of all those who passed on in that crash some succour and an infinite ability to survive the trauma.

To all those who passed on, may the souls of the faithful departed, through the infinite mercy of Aôndo, rest in perfect peace. Amen.



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  1. Amen…It’s all so very sad, and having no familiar name on the manifest, still brings it home to you that one of one’s own could have been there too….May they rest in perfect peace..


  2. I lik dis piece. Dat doesn’t mean I lik d air crash but dat I lik d opinion u’v expressed. So I hope u now undastand why ur fb frnd were clickin d “lik button” *winks*

    As 4 wher ur beloved country is headin 2. Here it is:

    Meanwhil, u don submit dis article 4 d Naijastories Dana Anthology? Visit my blog & b 1 of d 1st 2 read DESTINATIONS


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