Hey Myne, I know someone who is self-publishing a novel and I was wondering if you have any advice for her?

I would classify her book as “teen fluff”, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Its not the same demographic as your work, but I thought it might be helpful to hear from you since you have had such success with your work. Ideas, tips, concerns?

Would you like a copy of the book to read over and offer suggestions? She is all ears.I told her I would reach out to you to see if you would be able to talk with/to her. Thanks!


Hi, I visited the FB page of your friend and from there to some of the other links. She seems to be doing well, has a good follower count on Twitter, and is also on Blogspot and Tumblr. Self publishing is no joke but she did well by going with CreateSpace, at least the distribution and sales are taken care of. Now she has to start thinking of the publicity and marketing. What she should do is look for book bloggers in the category of her book and ask for reviews. Then she should look for forums (message boards) where she knows her target audience is and become active there. All these depend on how financially successful she wants to be. If she’s just content having her story out there, and her name on a book cover, then she need not overstress. All the best to her. She can always email at I’ll be happy to host her for one of my guest author sections. Regards, Myne


Update: I still host guest authors at my blog if I get a complimentary copy of the book and it meets what I feel is good for my readers. You can also write to to be hosted here if your book is set in Nigeria, or about Nigerians. Some more things one can do include the following;

1. Write a press release and submit to free sites like

2. Create a website or blog and start promoting it by visiting and joining other blogs in the same category

3. Make a video trailer for your book and put it on youtube and Dailymotion

4. Send out free copies of the book to those who can leave reviews on blogs, or on purchase sites like, etc

5. Learn some patience, you can’t become an instant millionaire from self-publishing. It takes at least 2-3 years to build a solid platform. Goodluck.

GUEST BLOGGER: Myne Whitman and Myne is one of Nigeria’s most visible writers with a pronounced e-presence. She is a passionate writer and mentors regularly.



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