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new poem “BROKEN”

You really should read this…touching. Barry, you write well. Live long bro. Best wishes to you and all who read this.

Poetry by Barry Mowles


Bullies have dragged so many lives through hell, some of our children chose to rather take their chances up in heaven;

These news reports are breaking my heart, and I am not just talking about

15, 16 year olds,

I am talking about kids as young as 7.

So many families are now left broken, Mothers stare at cold pillows, as they think where her baby use to lay her head is now just an empty space;

She can no longer feel her Childs touch, all she has left is a picture and a memory when she wants to see their face.

Bullies sleeping well at night, whilst distraught families cry themselves to sleep;

Helpless nightmares trap them in the darkness, as their dreams are left drowning in the deep.

Bullies have a chance to move on and to turn over a new leaf;

But some of their victims…

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